Friday, November 27, 2020

Track Update Nov. 27

 Just got this text. Thank you, Doug!

I rolled the trail last night.  Not a lot of snow but where I rolled the night before it looks good.  Bring your old skies and watch for cart paths and gravel.  I made a couple of new trails just up and down fairways that should be safe for skating.  Pray for snow!

No news yet

 Sorry, I haven’t heard if the course has been groomed yet. Feel free to kick a classic trail of nothing has been set, and bring your skate skis just in case the skate trail is ready. If there’s no track, well, I guess this is cross-country skiing and we are happy just to be on the snow. :)

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Track Update

Update: Doug groomed the track mid-afternoon today. Jeff shared the pictures below and it looks amazing. I don't know how much was done, but enough to make for a good ski. 

Notes: If you went skiing in the morning before he groomed, you likely found it a little challenging - the Cow Pasture was particularly sloggy. We really appreciate the volunteered time that our groomers put in to offer such a great activity for us. In order to guard their hard work, please remember the course is for skiing/skiers only, and to classic ski on the edges and skate ski in the middle. The City also prohibits dogs at the Golf Course. 

Thanks! Many thanks to Doug for going out twice already - this is a great, and really early, start to the season! And thanks to the City of Rexburg for setting out the port-a-potty, and to the County for keeping the parking lot plowed. This is a concerted effort, for sure.

Heads up: although I tossed 50 golf balls off the track (yes, I counted), there were at least that many still left. Hopefully the new snow has covered them. Regardless, until we get a bunch more snow, watch for golf balls and clumps of leaves (they may look innocent, but they can trip you up), bunches of grass, strewn twigs and fallen branches. Rock skis - i.e., your oldest, most worn-out skis - would be ideal for this early in the season, if you have a designated pair.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

November 12 Track Report

 Randy texted me this evening to let me know that Doug rolled a track at the course and that it's skiable. Pretty exciting! I suspect the classic tracks have not been set yet and won't be until we have deeper snow, so please be courteous on the skate track if you're on classic skis. Just keep to the edge so the skate track doesn't get ruts. As always, remember the groomed tracks are for skiing only. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Grooming Report

Amazingly enough, the track is still intact. Doug tuned it up last night (thank you!). Here's his report:

The track is still very good skiing.  It was tuned up last night with new diagonal tracks, only a couple of places showing grass. The skate track is still all covered but getting thin under or around some of the trees.  

They have spread charcoal on the greens.  So look out - golf is in the air.  The problem is that there are still 4 ft drifts in places and for the most part about 1 ft of snow yet, so we will move around the thin places and keep skiing as long as we can.  It has been a great winter.   

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Track Report

Pavel sent a report:
Remarkably, still plenty of snow and good skiing 03/07/20. The track is 100% snow covered. No standing water in low areas (yet).

Saturday, February 29, 2020

Grooming Report

I don't know which of our groomers went out, but yesterday there was fresh corduroy for skating and the classic tracks looked perfect.  The skiing is as good as ever, so go enjoy it today. We expect some new snow tonight, and the track isn't melting any time soon. It's pretty amazing to be skiing into March.

Have fun!