Saturday, November 30, 2013

West Yellowstone Ski Festival 2013

For any who haven't been, the annual West Yellowstone ski festival is the place to be for Cross Country skiing in November.  The festival is comprised of several days of ski clinics, races and product demos.  If you're interested in trying out a new pair of skis, getting some pointers on how to ski better, or just hang out with a great crowd, I'd recommend the weekend to anyone.

The annual Rendezvous Race may draw more people but not by much.  In addition to the outdoor activities, there are several clinics and presentations being put on indoors.  Want to learn to wax skis? This is the place.  Want to see some cool pictures of places to ski?  Check out the evening presentations.

For the kids they have half or full day clinics with plenty of fun activities.  Here are our girls coming in from a fun morning of ski instruction.

Stephanie and I spent the day with two excellent instructors in the one day "Improve Your Skating Technique" course.  We'll have plenty to look forward on improving this next season.  Many thanks to Scott and Brian for the coaching. With enough work hopefully we'll be able to keep Randy's tail lights within sight when we go out!

Now, bring on the snow!

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