Monday, January 6, 2014

Hydration and Feeding from SkiPost

Dear Skipost,

I'm pretty familiar with refueling and rehydration while cycling but feel like I do a very poor job while skiing.  I am wondering what you would recommend for refueling and rehydration on 10-20K training skate ski runs (easier when you can stop while training) vs. what to do while racing?

Refueling while skiing is necessary, but often difficult. For 10km events you do not need a feed but for longer than 15km and especially marathon events feeding throughout the event is helpful and necessary. It is easy to carry a water bottle with energy drink but in most colder days the bottle is likely to freeze by the time you need it.

For carrying 1 bottle (start with a warm energy drink to keep it from freeing 2 hours later)  I like the Salomon 45 hydro pack because it is easy to get the bottle in and out .
We have had good success with Avex's Peco's  insulated water bottle with Auto spout.

After a bottle the next race option for a marathon is to wear a Hydration vest. Year's ago The Factory Team partnered with Nathan Hydration and made a complete line of freeze proof Nordic products but unfortunately they no longer make these. We like some of the minimalist packs that UltraSpire makes like the Spry if you add on the insulated tube

My favorite piece for bladder systems is the Camelback RaceBack that incorporates a Bladder to the 1st layer so it does not freeze and ads little bulk.

Andy at skiPost

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