Monday, December 8, 2014

Join the Club!

Snow or no snow, you're invited to join us at Teton Lakes Golf Course at 4:15pm to 5:00pm on Mondays and Thursdays (or just one of the days if you can't make both).  Wear cold weather running clothes and shoes until we get snow. Spread the word.
Coaching is specific for grades 7-12, although anyone can listen in and learn.

Report on First Day

We had our first ever Nordic Ski Club practice today.  It was awesome to see the inaugural group of seven kids (one had to leave early and one came late, but we're counting them!) who showed up despite the lack of snow.

Coach Steve Barrus had some good stretches, warm-ups, and dry land drills that will help not only with skiing form and fitness, but also will translate into strength, balance, agility, and endurance for the upcoming track season (and will benefit the kids in any sport).

Thanks to Tom Anderson (uber skier) for the pics.

So as we develop a training schedule and get into a rhythm, I think we'll start to see not only gains in physical fitness, but we'll also be able to show how much FUN this sport can be!
See what you're missing? C'mon, you know you want to hop, too.
And bound.  And be awesome.

We had some serious fun.

Speaking of fun, I talked with a high schooler this evening, inviting her to "Join the Club".  She was a little hesitant, thinking that cross-country skiing is boring.  Well, if we only had some snow I'd love to show her otherwise.  If you like speed, if you like a strong body, if you like being outdoors, if you like trying new things, then you should try Nordic skiing.  I admit it isn't the same as Alpine skiing or snowboarding, just like running isn't the same as cycling or skate boarding.  And I understand that some people might find running boring, and would perhaps (initially) feel the same about Nordic skiing.   But, like anything else, if you stick to it and as your skills and comfort level and stamina build, you may just find yourself itching to go cross-country skiing and loving the thrill of flying over the snow under your own power.  You won't want to stop.

For now while we wait for snow, we'll have fun as Coach gets us ready for winter skiing (if winter ever comes) and ready for spring racing.  So come join the club.  It'll be fun!


Note for grades 7-12: If you don't have skis, we still have three sets of City skis, poles and boots (limited sizes) available to loan (for free) for the season for the junior high and high school members of the club.
We aren't skiing without snow anyway, so don't let the lack of gear stop you from coming!

Thank you!

Many thanks to the folks at Teton Lakes Golf Course and the City of Rexburg for letting us do our dry land training there.  Everyone remember: stay with Coach and stay off the greens.

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