Thursday, January 12, 2017

Grooming Update

Randy tuned up all the Skate lanes early this morning (yippee!! THANKS!).  He said he broke through a puddle on the Boot (one of the interior skate loops), so heads up on that.  The Classic continues to be mostly self-maintained by the many skiers, although Randy did work on the Classic Tracks "short loop" - the loop that heads north from the parking lot, turns right (east) at the edge of the Golf Course, then loops back south after you cross the bridge.

He also groomed the Kids Practice Loop - a short loop right by the parking lot.

I skied on this warm snow yesterday and was anticipating Mashed Potatoes, but it was actually a really, really nice skate track.  The base was hard packed, but there was a soft groomed layer on top that made it a fast - but not icy fast - skate.  Jeff went out later last night and found similar conditions, with actually some crust available when he was skiing on ungroomed trails.  Everything is groomed now so it should be wonderful skating.  Enjoy!

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