Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Track Report

Believe it or not, the skate skiing is really good for much of the track right now - not so great for classic, though (there's no classic track to speak of).  The Perimeter, Clover Leaf and Cow Pasture have all been rescued for skate skiing. The Boot, however, is completely inaccessible because of a huge ice patch.  Don't even try it.  Or go ahead and try, but be forewarned.

So once the snow froze again, Doug was able to skirt around the ponds and create some new paths to avoid the water/ice and bare spots. Please be very alert, however.  There are still some scary patches and you need to be prepared to slow down and double-pole carefully in a few places.

Although we probably have a few days left, I still want to send out a huge end-of-season THANK YOU to both Doug and Randy for the many hours, many gallons of gas, and lots of amazing equipment they voluntarily contribute for the community's free use.  They have worked hard to create yet another magical winter wonderland this year.  Good Skiing = Happy People.  Thank you!

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  1. Be careful especially on south facing downhill sections where the sun has exposed areas of grass. If you're not careful you may end up doing a "Nordic Combined" event with a ski jump in the middle of your workout like I did!