Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Track Report and Grooming Insights

Doug just texted:
The track is tuned up as best as I could. The electric system on the Maverick continues to be a problem and the tines (to smooth the trail) will not go down. We will fix them today, but until then you will see places where there are track marks or still ski marks. The conventional (classic) tracks were put in before my electric problem, so they are great.

Thank you, Doug!

Jeff skied last night and said it was great. There was one pass of fresh grooming on the skate lanes through some lightly drifted snow. It was soft but skied well. The classic tracks are set nicely, although it is still a little punchy.

So after chatting with Doug the other day, I thought I'd throw out the following info just to give some insights into his amazing work. He mentioned that he'd been out grooming on New Year's day when the machine blew a fuse, leaving him stuck way out on the south end and the track half done in the middle of the night. He got things fixed up eventually, but the next time he was out the tines on the groomer started skipping and the bolts were coming loose. He had to leave the track in an imperfect condition to go work at his West Yellowstone clinic. He's been doing an amazing job despite the grooming malfunctions.

Just for a little perspective, he groomed Monday morning, starting at 3am and finishing three hours later. This is all volunteer work. Pretty astonishing, I'd say. This is also one reason we guard the track so closely so his work isn't ruined. If you see him out there (like, if you happen to be skiing at 3am), give him a big thank-you.

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