Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ski report

This was the most pleasant and fastest skate yet since Randy first groomed the golf course last week. The temperature went from 9F to 15F around noon today. Warmer temps, some sunshine, and time are helping the skate track base settle nicely. The light, dry flakes this morning didn't hinder my glide a bit, although there are wind blown patches and some stretches of soft snow still. The south loop is still slower than the main track. I skated on CH3 again, but CH4 would work, too. Randy said he plans on tuning up the track when he gets back from skiing on Jackson Pass. Two other skaters and a young family were there enjoying the snow.

Many, many thanks to Randy for volunteering his time and expertise to groom, and buying gas for the groomer. Another huge thanks to Doug for providing the groomer. And thanks to the city of Rexburg  and Teton Lakes Golf Course for making a lovely area for winter xc-skiing & sledding (& the port-a-potty!) available. We are so lucky!

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