Monday, December 16, 2013

Ski Report

From Stephanie: "If you get a chance, head out to the golf course today. It is a perfectly beautiful day to get out. Both the classic tracks and the skate track are well set and fast without being icy (I was able to keep up with my skis - they didn't get away from me). 

I tested two pairs of different waxed skis when the air temp was 14F at 11am today. Although the cold wax (CH3) was pretty good (since the snow was still cold from overnight low around 4F),  I chose my skis that are waxed with a/blue Swix wax since it was still warming up. It was a great skate day."

From Jeff: It's obviously too late to get out today, but tomorrow should be a fine day as well. It was good to see a bunch of the local die-hards out today.  We're hoping to get the word out to more folks, so go ahead and share!

We'd also like to figure out a way to help reimburse the city and others for the port-a-potty and the petrol used to power the grooming sled.  If anyone has any slick ideas we'd like to hear them...

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