Friday, January 5, 2018

Track Report and Etiquette

If you've been out at all this week, you'll know that the skate track is hard packed, icy and rutted, with grass and rocks here and there.  Additionally, the icy classic track now has some grass showing through.  It's kind of tough skiing.  Skiing on the hard pack will fatigue your muscles quickly and any falling won't be on soft snow, so just know what to expect.  However, it's pretty fun if you're just double poling.  It's fast (until you hit a patch of grass)!

Doug has done a great job creating some diversions around the worst parts.  You can definitely ski, but it's kind of like you're ice-skating.  There's not a lot that can be done until we get new snow.  If we were to try to tune up the track right now, we'd risk tearing it all up into big ice chunks and/or puncturing through to the grass below.  Because this is a golf course, we are very careful not to damage the grass.   All we need is a little bit of new snow, however, and we're back to great skiing.  We're supposed to get snow this weekend.

Heads up, our resident moose is back.  Please treat the wildlife with respect and do NOT try to approach any animals.  We prefer no dogs on the track (in order to keep the track nice and protect other skiers and wildlife).  If you choose to take your dog, please keep it under your control at all times and off the track or to the far side as much as possible.

And as always, please don't walk or snowshoe on the groomed skate or classic track.  Please try only to skate on the skate track and classic ski in the classic track.  Our groomers volunteer all their time, equipment and gas - we don't want to mess things up that they've worked so hard to create.

Happy trails!

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