Thursday, November 20, 2014

Groomed and put down a base for the track, it is skiable but try not to get on it when it is warm from noon on. Stephanie and I got our legs, arms, and lungs broke in this morning and enjoyed our annual re-learn session. Hopefully we will get some snow this weekend so we can build on a great start to the season. There are section that set up real nice, short grass in the fare ways, but the rough is rough. Any sun at all will take what snow there is in those sections from exposed grass. Two sections to avoid is, the road around the river, especially on the north side and the short kick up on the home stretch by the club house (by #1 tee box up to hole #27 on the middle nine) the sledders have kicked up some pea gravel there. Try to spread the word that snow bikes are not welcome on the track, we have limited resources ( my time) to keep the track in shape.
Anyone know what a good wax would be for grass?

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