Monday, November 24, 2014

Nov 24 Ski Report

It's 10:45am, just finished skate skiing  at the golf course. The base track is firm and icy, but the new snow from the weekend is cushion enough to make for some fun stretches. It's actually like spring crust cruising. There are a lot of bare patches. Don't try to do everything. Stay off the Cow Pasture for sure, and avoid the Clover Leaf. There are some good areas, but enough bare spots to not make it worthwhile on the Clover Leaf. The best skate skiing is on The Boot, especially the south side. 
Also, be aware that someone rode their bike down the first half mile or so of the Perimeter (from the parking lot, to the West side, and straight north). I caught my skis in that rut several times. Please spread the word that bikes are not allowed on the skate track. They're even worse than classic skis (which aren't good for the skate track either), since the bikes leave a much deeper rut.
The descent at the northeast corner is very ice, so take it easy there.
If you get out before it gets warm, I think you'll have a satisfactory ski.

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