Friday, November 21, 2014

Nov 21 Track Report

Teton Lakes Ski Report

I skate skied this morning and was surprised and pleased that the track had held up since yesterday.  After yesterday's warming, I thought there would be little left of the track, and that anything left would be too icy to be fun.  But it actually was practically identical to yesterday morning's conditions - not icy, a little soft, but slippy enough for a good skate.  Snow and rain are predicted this weekend, so we'll see how things turn out at the golf course.
I was really happy to see a couple of ladies I know out there classic skiing this morning - they are regulars and I saw them lots last winter.  I also ran into a friend who was scoping out the skate track.  It's pretty early in the season to have any sort of track or to have people interested already, so this is pretty exciting and it will only get better.   I think this will be a great year for the Nordic community (as long as there's snow!) with hopefully lots of people joining in the sport and spreading enthusiasm.  The more the merrier!


Don't forget the upcoming Cross-country Kick-off!  If there's no snow, then we'll figure something out, maybe just getting fit for skis, some basic instruction on dry land, and outfitting the High Schoolers with the city skis that we have.

Ski Festival

Also, a lot is going on in West Yellowstone this weekend and next week.  Check out the West Yellowstone Ski Festival to get an idea of how interesting and popular this multi-day event is.  We will take our kids up for the one-day kids clinic (and a clinic for ourselves) next Saturday.  It'd be fun to see any of you up there if there are slots still available!

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