Monday, February 5, 2018

Teton Lakes - Done. Other Options

The season ended early at Teton Lakes.  No more skiing here.

Pat sent this photo of Kelly Canyon, taken on Saturday.  He says the skiing is still pretty good.  Lots of climbing, but the road has been groomed.

And as always, you can check out Harriman State Park, Teton Valley , Pocatello, and West Yellowstone's Rendezvous trails for nearby skiing.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Track Report

The classic track is pretty sad, but the skate track is remarkably nice if you can get out early in the day or later on when the snow isn't too soft.  Doug has done a good job tuning up the course.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Grooming & Track Report

Here's a grooming report from Doug early this afternoon :

The track it is about as good as it can be for what we have to work with.  The light was good this morning and I went out and made one trip around.  I think if you stay in that area it should be good skiing and set up well. It was set up enough that I was not removing all of the ski marks.

The classic track has snow in the bottom most of the time which is better than anytime this winter.  Please encourage classic skiers to stay in the track and not down the middle of the skate track.  It was bad this morning.

Then Doug reported on the track later this afternoon:

Just had a very enjoyable time skiing.  The track has formed up and the snow does not slide on top of the ice.  The ride is more stable and smooth.  There are still a few spots where rocks are near the surface, i.e. cart paths and along the south bank of the river.  So you better get out because the snow is coming tomorrow and I will be in West tomorrow.   Thursday evening I may get out again if we get good snow.


Track Report

It snowed after Doug groomed the course.  The snow hadn't settled when I went out, so it was soft skiing and the track was hard to see (flat light didn't help).  I did see classic tracks set, but I don't know how firm they are.  The soft snow is resting on a layer of ice in many parts, so it's hard to get a bite on your pole tips - they skip out a lot.  Hopefully it will all set up nicely soon.

Meanwhile, it's great to be outside and the soft, slow snow is a good time to practice technique (you sorta end up skiing in slow-motion, so you can focus on form differently than when you're skiing quickly).

Happy Trails.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Grooming Report

Doug spent his afternoon grooming the course yesterday.  The Ski Club kids were making their own track, and half-way through grooming Doug came by on the fancy 4-Track.  There were lots of whoops and hollers as the kids got to ski fresh corduroy - even though it was soft and hadn't set, it was better than the snow-shoeing they were doing.  Doug was gracious enough to go back and clean up the mess our skis made on the fresh groom.
I don't know if he set the classic track after we left, but I plan to go check it out later today and will report.
The snow is still thin, so watch out for gravel - it tripped up my son pretty good and tore off a piece of my edge.  Rock skis are still in order. More snow is coming, though.  I read that the second half of our winter was going to be a lot wetter than the first half.  That'd be great, as long as the temps stay down.
Happy Trails.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Track Report - Teton Lakes Reborn!

Just an update on the ski track. I spent time today tuning and somewhat resurrecting the thing.  There are a few detours but for the most part it is good skating and the conventional track is okay where I could find ungroomed snow to work in.  It is not the same track in many places like on the hill out east by the freeway I had to be creative, so follow the groomer tracks not your old mind set.  But you can still get a good work out.  Cart paths and bridges need precaution but for the most part it still works and the snow is very fast.   Have fun and pray for snow.


Friday, January 19, 2018


We’re sad to announce that the Cupid Cup is officially cancelled due to lack of snow.  

We’re hopeful that we may have better cooperation from Mother Nature in the years to come.