Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New Trail Map!

If you've not seen it already - check out the new trail map on the "Trail Map" tab above.  We're hopeful this is helpful to everyone.  We hope to post this soon out at the trailhead, and provide some handouts for those interested.

Grooming Report

From Randy: Did one pass of the track on all loops. Buffed out real nice.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Waxing Tips from SkiPost

Reposted from the email list SkiPost (subscribe here)

Dear SkiPost,

Should I follow the wax brand internet race wax suggestions or do my own?

We would always recommend that skiers learn how to make their own wax selections. If you learn what goes into a wax selection you can make a very good selection by yourself.   If we teach you then you become a wax master for life. Most people can improve their ski's speed by focusing on their wax application (and a fresh ski base) and less in splitting hairs between a various wax options.

We will start simply this week for glide and then go in great detail in coming weeks.

Your end goal, in the most simple terms, is to get a glide wax that is slightly harder than the snow crystals you are skiing over. Too hard and you do not get enough lubrication and moisture management, too soft and you get too much snow crystal penetration and dry friction.

And while at the proper hardness you can most always select a High Flour and Pur Fluor top coat to speed up your skis they will do you the most good the wetter and/or dirtier the snow and the faster and/or farther you go.

To select a wax at the best hardness you will want to know Temperatures and Snow Age and Condition

  • Race time temps and overnight low. If it will be much colder (and clear sky) overnight than the air temp will be throughout the race then the snow will act colder than the race time temp. So look at the wax temp suggestions and if between two waxes select the colder wax. If you are in the shade or wind blown throughout the race the snow will also act colder than the air.
  • If the snow is new (less then 24 hours) you can add a graphite underlayer to reduce static.
  • If snow is very dirty or coarse/artificial you will want to use a Molybdenum wax (ie Start BM line). Moly acts as a dry lubricant to keep the dirt off.  More Fluors help in dirt.
  • The newer the snow,(and the less grooming)  the sharper its crystals and the more exact you need to be with wax selection.  New snow is less forgiving than old snow,

To select the necessary Fluor level you will want to know: 

  • Air humidity (and/or snow surface moisture) low, medium, or high:
    • If relative humidity is low < 33% (you cannot make a snow ball and you did not need to scrape your car's windshield) Fluor is likely to add very little speed (unless the snow is dirty see below).
    • If humidity is 33%< medium > 66% (you can make a snow ball with effort and it took you 1 minute to scrape your car's windshield) use a LF glider to manage medium moisture.
    •  If humidity is high > 66% (you want to have a snowball fight and you spent 10 minutes scraping your car's windshield) or snow is very dirty you want a HF glider (and Pur Fluor on top) to manage high moisture (and dirt).
  • Dirt level.
    • The dirtier the snow the more High and Pur Fluors help.
  • Distance - the longer the race the more High and Pur Fluors help keep the skis clean and fast.
  • Speed - the higher your average speed the more you want flours to manage the water layer that you develop at the higher speeds. A downhill race benefits from High and Pure Fluor than an uphill race.
 If unsure: always wax colder, go for more flour, and brush more.

Always apply and iron in glide wax in a warm room and allow to cool down slowly and completely before you scrape and brush.

It is much easier to make a good to great wax selection every time if you use just on one wax brand. This way you can more simply select the temp, snow condition and moisture and then not have to interpolate between wax brands.

West Yellowstone Ski Clinic

Our friends at Free Heel & Wheel in West Yellowstone pass along the following:

For the New Year we are doing an All Day Ski Clinic January 11th. The snow has been
phenomenal this year making it a great opportunity to practice and tune your skills. The clinic includes your ski pass to Rendezvous trails, a wax clinic in the morning for both classic and skate, then go out to the trails for your lesson for a couple of hours, then lunch, and back out to the trails for a few more hours, and finish up with an optional stretching class with Kelli. You are more than welcome to do both skate and classic skiing or fine tune your skills on one. There are only a limited amount of spots available around 12 people. The Clinic is a steal of a deal for only $100. Email or call us soon to sign up and save your spot! Our number is 406-646-7744.

Melissa Alder
Free Heel & Wheel

Grooming Report

Randy was out all morning long on Saturday getting the beautiful fluff packed down.  All trails were groomed.  Unfortunately it wasn't sticking together well.  We appreciate those who avoided the skate loops to let them setup.  For the time enjoy the white stuff as we look forward to skiing for many days to come.

Also look for a new map to be on the site and posted out at the course in the near future.  We hope all find it helpful!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Ski Report

From Stephanie: "If you get a chance, head out to the golf course today. It is a perfectly beautiful day to get out. Both the classic tracks and the skate track are well set and fast without being icy (I was able to keep up with my skis - they didn't get away from me). 

I tested two pairs of different waxed skis when the air temp was 14F at 11am today. Although the cold wax (CH3) was pretty good (since the snow was still cold from overnight low around 4F),  I chose my skis that are waxed with a/blue Swix wax since it was still warming up. It was a great skate day."

From Jeff: It's obviously too late to get out today, but tomorrow should be a fine day as well. It was good to see a bunch of the local die-hards out today.  We're hoping to get the word out to more folks, so go ahead and share!

We'd also like to figure out a way to help reimburse the city and others for the port-a-potty and the petrol used to power the grooming sled.  If anyone has any slick ideas we'd like to hear them...

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ski Report

The track has set up so nicely. It's amazing we have the course set this early in the winter, although the snow is still pretty thin in parts. Watch out for bare patches on hill ridges and under trees, and especially on the north inside skate loop. Classic trails are set on the main course.

Skating on Swix blue wax today was fast. (HF6 would've been great, too.) And after being on hilly (but gorgeous) Dead Dog loop yesterday in West Yellowstone, I realize what a quick course we have here in Rexburg. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ski report

This was the most pleasant and fastest skate yet since Randy first groomed the golf course last week. The temperature went from 9F to 15F around noon today. Warmer temps, some sunshine, and time are helping the skate track base settle nicely. The light, dry flakes this morning didn't hinder my glide a bit, although there are wind blown patches and some stretches of soft snow still. The south loop is still slower than the main track. I skated on CH3 again, but CH4 would work, too. Randy said he plans on tuning up the track when he gets back from skiing on Jackson Pass. Two other skaters and a young family were there enjoying the snow.

Many, many thanks to Randy for volunteering his time and expertise to groom, and buying gas for the groomer. Another huge thanks to Doug for providing the groomer. And thanks to the city of Rexburg  and Teton Lakes Golf Course for making a lovely area for winter xc-skiing & sledding (& the port-a-potty!) available. We are so lucky!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Trail Report

From Stephanie:

The track has a nice base and skating is faster than last time, although yesterday's skiff and some wind-blown patches stopped me from long glides. The southernmost  loop was slow-going but gorgeous. CH3 was great. Temps are warming from sub-zero to low teens.

Randy groomed the main trails Monday, but the inside loops are still under too much snow to skate.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Grooming Update

Randy was out earlier today to tamp down the new snow since Saturday and smooth out the track.  A classic track is now also set.

Stephanie reports that the base is well set, but with cold loose snow you'd better get your CH3 on and be willing to tough it out.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Steph's Ski Report

The trail is groomed and it's wonderful to be out again and see the tracks.  The groomed snow is still soft and powdery, though, so it's difficult to glide except in a few patches. (It just needs some time and a little warmer weather to settle the base.)   I decided my slow pace was a good chance to focus on form, technique and balance.  It was also a tough but great cardio workout!  I'll work on speed another day.   First grooming, bitter cold but sunny, AND a port-a-potty!  Oh, happy day!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Grooming report

Randy was out last night - here's his report:
Track set 6" of fluff packed to 2". Don't use your good skis, it's thin across cart paths.
Not enough snow for classic groves