Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Grooming Dec 30

Randy groomed last night and Doug made another couple of passes since then over the tracks (thank you both!). Also, the groomer comb is fixed so the track should be nice corduroy. New this year, we now have a double classic track. With those two tracks side by side, people can now ski next to each other without worrying about being in the skate lane. Randy set out the trail sign and map at the trail head. Just behind the sign, we have a practice loop, a great little spot to work on skating or for kids to ski around. 
It really is a beautiful day, everything is in top-shape, and winter is wonderful - so go enjoy!

Oh, our groomers spend hours and hours on the tracks, so please help keep them nice by staying in the skate lane only if you're skating, and in the classic tracks only if you're classic skiing. And please avoid walking on the groomed tracks. Footprints can trip up skiers. If you must walk, please stay far to one side. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Grooming Update - Dec 29

One pass made on the skate lane to buff it out.  Light snow still falling will likely leave a little skiff.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ski Drone First Flight

Hopefully we'll have warmer days in the future to use this new tech to analyze and improve

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Grooming update

Merry Christmas! Teton Lakes (the golf course) was groomed on Christmas Day. It's bitterly cold, but if you dress well it should be a great Nordic ski day.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday Mid-day Grooming Report

Randy went over the tracks today so they should be good for skating and classic skiing (thank you!). Now the rest of us need to shovel our way out of the driveway so we can go ski! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Grooming Report Tuesday p.m.

Many thanks to our volunteer trail groomers! Doug went around the track earlier today, then Randy did another pass this evening. Randy also set the inside skate tracks: the "Boot" on the north side of the golf course, and the "Clover Leaf" in the middle of the golf course. The Clover Leaf is the section that includes some hill climbing. 
This is the first time the inside skate tracks have been rolled out so we hope they set up well overnight and leave us with a good base for the rest of the winter. If you find yourself punching through too much on those tracks, it might be best to stay off for a day or so until they set up.
Classic tracks should be just fine.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Grooming update, Friday night

Randy just texted this, which means he's out grooming at 11pm! (Thank you, Randy!)
Outer (perimeter) loop groomed, skate and classic. A broken comb is leaving the skate track a little uneven. Will get that fixed soon. Should set up good tonight.

Track Conditions

As of midday today, no further grooming has been done.  The base has set well enough that you can skate on top of it, even with fresh snow on it.  The only problem is finding the track - it's all one white field.  The classic track is fine, but it gets lost every so often and you may find yourself, like I did, way off course unless you're paying really close attention.   Still, it's great to get out, especially since it's not very cold.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Track Conditions

I meant to post that only the perimeter is being groomed right now.  The inside skate loops haven't been set yet.
With new snow yesterday evening and lots of wind, both the skate and the classic tracks have been covered, especially on the North East area.  You can still skate, and some stretches are pretty good, but other stretches you are breaking trail.  The classic track is pretty good where visible.  Thankfully we have a good base out so you can make do.
The slower conditions are great for practicing drills, form, and technique.  And it's still just really nice to have a place to get out and play in winter.  Not sure when the next grooming will be, but I'll post it as soon as I know.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nordic Club General Info

Once I figure out how to make a new tab, I'll put the Nordic Club info there (I'm not computer savvy).  Meanwhile, everyone (Club member or no) gets to read this.  I'm reposting this information to reply to a few questions I've had lately.

For youth grades 7-12, this is the second year of the Rexburg Nordic Club. 

Registration is open all season, meaning anyone can join in at any time, no previous experience necessary. Participants need to register through the Rexburg City Recreation Department (it's $10).  



The Rexburg Nordic Team provides opportunities for youth in grades 7-12 to learn a new sport or continue developing as cross-country skiers through organized team practice. During team practices, members will learn technique and develop endurance, regardless of their personal experience levels.  Both skate and classic techniques will be taught. Participants may also have the option of competing in local and area community races (you have to pay your own race fees). This is a great way for youth to stay active during the winter months. On days with no snow, we will hold dry-land practices at the Teton Lakes Golf Course.

No previous experience needed, all levels welcome.  Dress warmly in layers with good gloves.

NOTE: Skis can be stored on site. While the Ski Shed is locked, we make no guarantees on the security.  Students may have the option of riding the bus to the golf course for practice.  Please check with the school district transportation department for information.


Grades 7-12


M & Th Practice, excluding Holidays and school closure days.  No practices over Christmas Break.


4:15-5:00/5:10. Once we have more daylight, we may extend to 5:30 (probably mid-January).


December 7-February 25, as weather permits (if there's no snow, we can still do dry-land training.  If it's a blizzard, we may cancel that day.  Check the blog for updates). 


Kids are responsible for their own skis, boots and poles.  The City skis have all been loaned out, but there are plenty of other options for kids to get gear.  You can borrow, buy or rent skis.  Rentals can be done on a daily basis through BYU-I's Outdoor Resource Center (the ORC) or seasonally through Forrest Southam: 

Forrest Southam
Rexburg Cross Country Ski Rentals and Sales

Skate Skiing and Classic Skiing coaching

Coached by Steve Barrus & Stephanie Hancock


Questions?  Contact Stephanie Hancock at

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tracks set

The skate and classic tracks are both set. (Thank you!) It's fantastic! Give them a couple of hours to set up & it'll be even better. The snow is a little soft and there are a few tufts of grass, but considering two days ago we had nothing, conditions today are pretty amazing. 

Monday, December 14, 2015


I'll post a grooming report as soon as it comes in.  Meanwhile, I did see Doug out rolling the skate track this evening, and apparently he rolled out the base early this morning (everyone is shouting a huge THANK YOU!).  If all goes well, we should have a skiable skate track tomorrow - but keep checking this blog for any updates.

Many thanks to Rachel for taking pictures of the Nordic Club.  We had about 15 show today, plus a few adults to help out. The kids were awesome and had a good time getting their ski legs back.  This was the first time back on snow this season for many of them.  Our next practice is Thursday and should be a great ski day.  Remember, if you need skis you can contact Forrest (see earlier posts), rent from the ORC, borrow, or buy your own.  What a great way to get out and enjoy winter!

(And I can't say enough how wonderful the Ski Shed is. Love it!)

Nordic Ski Club

I don't know if any tracks will be set or groomed (it's pretty slushy snow), but there's enough snow to run around on with skis.  Please bring your skis, boots and poles or have someone arrange to drop them off at practice.   Contact Coach Hancock for questions:  Also, remember Forrest Southam is a great resource for people needing ski equipment.  Contact him at

See you this afternoon. Dress warmly!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Winter Preparations

We are continuing dry land training with the Nordic Club. These kids are tough and so positive, even with the high winds and rain and cold. If we get enough snow this weekend, please plan on skiing Monday. If you need help getting your gear out this first time, let Coach Hancock know and we can figure it out (

Check out the awesome Ski Shed. 

A great big THANK YOU to the Recreation Department for getting the port-a-potty on site. We are now all set for winter. Bring on the snow!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

World Cup

Ryan told us about Skiing Vinnie, a great place to watch the World Cup events going on right now.  It's pretty amazing what the human body can do!
And check out this site for further news on the World Cup.

Nordic Club time adjustment

Coaches Steve & Stephanie both agree that we will need to end practice by about 5:10 until  mid- January when the days start getting longer.  We had planned on a 5:30 end time but it is just too dark to do anything by then.
Please let your rides know we'll wrap up around 5 and be loaded up and ready to go by 5:10.  In January when we have more daylight, we will be able to go longer.  We'll let you know. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cross or X Country Skiing-Free Skate Technique

This short video has years' worth of information!  Listen closely and watch over and over again. The problems and solutions he describes are easy to talk about, but can be difficult to recognize and fix.  Skate skiing doesn't have to be perfect to be tons of fun, so don't worry if you're not ready for the Olympics just yet.  :)

4 Tips for Beginner Diagonal Stride, Classic Skiing

Here's an excellent intro for beginners on Classic skis (and reminder to experienced skiers) as we get ready to be on snow.

Monday, December 7, 2015

First Nordic Practice

We had a super turnout for our first practice. We look forward to a great season.
It was really pretty cold today. Please bring good winter clothes with you - just keep a winter bag packed and bring it each time, if you like.   Also, it's a good idea to have a water bottle on hand or kept in your backpack.

The Ski Shed is AMAZING!  It is going to make the season so much easier to have a place for gear, for backpacks during practice, for kids waiting for rides or anyone needing a break.  I'll post pictures of it Thursday.

It was wonderful to have so many of you here today.  Spread the word! And remember to register through the City.  It'll cost you $10 for the season.  (There are two Nordic options offered, make sure you pick the "Rexburg Nordic Team" and not the "Family Cross Country Ski Clinic".)

If you need skis, boots, and poles,  you can try renting. Check with Forrest Southam (, try the ORC, or you can buy used (just look around), or even borrow some.

Contact Stephanie Hancock with any questions:

Nordic Kids: Yes, we are meeting today

The Nordic Kids Club is meeting as planned, and will always meet regardless of the weather (unless it is a dangerous blizzard or well-below 0F, or is a school holiday).  Right now there's a mix of rain and snow, and wind.  The temperature isn't cold (36F), but if you are not dressed well, it could be very uncomfortable.
However, if you didn't pack warm clothing today, come anyway.  The Ski Hut is being set up right now at the golf course.  We can squeeze a fair number of kids in whenever anyone needs a break from the weather.  It isn't heated (unless we put in a space heater), but it is insulated and will give shelter (THANK YOU to Ryan Shirley for his craftsmanship and time, and Randy for his generous help).

As a suggestion, please pack an extra backpack for your winter clothes and bring it with you each time (don't forget warm socks, hats and gloves/mittens!).  See you awesome, tough skiers out there!  (I bet Steve will have plenty of stuff for you to do to warm you up).

NOTE:  Forrest Southam will be on site this afternoon to fit anyone with a ski package that needs it.  He has gear for rent at a very inexpensive price for the season.  If you need to contact him, check out the earlier posts for his information.