Monday, December 7, 2015

First Nordic Practice

We had a super turnout for our first practice. We look forward to a great season.
It was really pretty cold today. Please bring good winter clothes with you - just keep a winter bag packed and bring it each time, if you like.   Also, it's a good idea to have a water bottle on hand or kept in your backpack.

The Ski Shed is AMAZING!  It is going to make the season so much easier to have a place for gear, for backpacks during practice, for kids waiting for rides or anyone needing a break.  I'll post pictures of it Thursday.

It was wonderful to have so many of you here today.  Spread the word! And remember to register through the City.  It'll cost you $10 for the season.  (There are two Nordic options offered, make sure you pick the "Rexburg Nordic Team" and not the "Family Cross Country Ski Clinic".)

If you need skis, boots, and poles,  you can try renting. Check with Forrest Southam (, try the ORC, or you can buy used (just look around), or even borrow some.

Contact Stephanie Hancock with any questions:

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