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Ski Lessons

Let me introduce Joel Simpson, one of our Nordic ski club coaches. He has expressed a willingness to introduce new skiers to the wonderful world of cross country skiing, as well as work with advanced level skiers looking for greater efficiency to mine those free seconds on race day. He is able to instruct in both classic and freestyle (skate skiing) though admits to being a more accomplished freestyle skier. The best part is he is willing to give his time for free if you are ready to make the effort.

“I have a passion for Nordic skiing. To access good form lets you dance on the skis. It is a thing of beauty to balance on your skis and float down the trail. You can lose yourself in the flow… Being able to learn to balance sets the foundation to more easily master the sport. I always strongly recommend people get lessons learning to skate especially as its so technique intensive. I have had the pleasure to ski with the highest skill level skiers and instructors over the years and it has made the process so much easier. The self taught skier can struggle with potential limiting habits and it is my opinion that anyone can learn to be smooth and fluid on their skis.”
-Joel Simpson

The process does not need to be intimidating and everyone learns at their own pace so do not fear contacting Joel. He is willing to work with groups and individuals of all levels.  Even a single lesson can make an enormous difference on your mastery of the sport.

There is still plenty of winter left and the snow at Teton Lakes has never been better. If you see him at the golf course don't hesitate to say hello and start a conversation.

contact Joel:  joeshredder at gmail dot com
(You can also contact Stephanie for further information stephanie_hancock at mac dot com)

Happy Trails!

Ski Equipment Rentals

Cross Country Skis can be rented locally:

BYU-Idaho's Outdoor Resource Center 

You can rent both classic and skate ski packages (boots, poles, skis).

Located under the BYU-I Stadium
M 8am-6pm
T-F 9am-7pm
Sat 7am-7pm
(208)496-7337The rental guide with pricing is here.
Rental information and the reservation tool for XC Skis is here.

Forrest Southam has a supply of classic skis, boots and poles that can be rented at Sticks N Stones at 49 East Main Street

Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm
Sunday - Closed
For a season rental of classic or skate skis, contact him via email: forrestglade at gmail dot com

Rexburg Cross Country Ski Rentals and Sales

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