Friday, February 26, 2016

Grooming and Grass report

Doug cleaned up the track again last night (yippee! And thank you, Doug!).  Doug says the track looks good, but the warm sun is hurting the trail in places.  He was hoping to ski to the first of March, but doubts we will make it with all the grass beginning to show.  Get out early and skiing should be good.
Watch for grass on the south side of hills. Just make sure you don't speed down any hills without checking for ski-tripping patches of grass.

Also, please be aware the the golf course people are starting to prep for the spring and summer. The greens have been sprayed to speed up melting and combat snow mold (I presume). You may run into snowmobile tracks left from them - these are not our grooming tracks. There are also lines of dark graphite or something in the snow from the golf course guys. Just take it all in stride and be grateful we have had such a good ski season. Although it's a great place to ski, it's first and foremost a golf course (and a great place to golf!). Thanks so much to Duffy for supporting our skiers and giving us the thumbs up for grooming on the golf course.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Grooming update

Doug cleaned up the track again late last night and says it should be good at least until 3pm this afternoon (when it may soften as it warms). Thank you, Doug!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Track conditions

Beautiful day, skate & classic both set. Enjoy!

Grooming report

7am. Doug just texted. He cleaned up the skate track, I'm not sure if he could set the classic track (this old snow isn't very cooperative). He said he hasn't skied on it yet, but there are skiers out there right now and they are flying (I wish I was there!).

It is 10F right now, so our track isn't going anywhere for a while, at least. Thanks, Doug! 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Track report

Joel reported on the conditions today:

Skiable. The classic skiers persist in skiing on the skate track making death defying linear sharp edged ruts.  Someone thought the atv track rut was just right for classic skiing and skied it all the way around.  It froze and went from a soft track rut you could ski through to one that would grab your ski.  Classic skiers on the skate track can leave ruts as bad an snow bikes.  

That said, if there is another grooming to get the ruts out we'll have pretty fine late season snow [Steph's interjection: I'm not sure if we will get another grooming in - might not be worth it, but who knows].  As it is, it's difficult to ski on.  The swamps are currently frozen. There is grass emerging for sure but easily avoidable.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Grooming Report

Doug just texted this report (9am Saturday). I'm very happy :)

The track has been groomed to the best it can be.  We still have snow all around and we must skirt around a few ponds but skiing isn't too bad.

Addendum: I skate skied at Teton Lakes around 1pm today and it was great. The track was fast but not icy. Today's grooming really helped clean it up. The snow is behaving like it is Spring Skiing, with lots of fast skating, especially in the shade, and a few rough spots from sun melt and ski ruts. Just for kicks, I also found quite a bit of skiable crust, even in the middle of the day at 35F and sunny, although I punched through any south facing hillsides. Mostly I stayed on the nicely groomed track. Everything except the Clover Leaf is groomed for skating. Super fun & fast. Jeff put HF8 wax on my skis last week, worked great for today.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Track report

The kids in the ski club convinced me to at least try skiing this afternoon. I was pretty skeptical since the last time I tried (2 days ago) it was miserable. Today I was pleasantly surprised. Although it's still pretty tough skiing, it was much better than I had expected. Randy showed up around 5:30pm and we agreed that the track is actually holding up and we should get some more skiing out of it yet. We have cold nights coming, which will help a ton. The track may be rough, or icy, or super soft all in a single day, depending on when you get out, but it's better than nothing! And if we get any more snow, we could still get some really good ski days this winter.
Soggy parking lot.

Still lots of snow.

The ski club kids had a fun ski today, followed by some time watching ski videos and eating snacks inside the Rexburg Cycling trailer. Thanks to Kellen for bringing it out - it was great to get out of the wind!

Revised Woman's 10K Skate Finishers

Well, we had an absolutely wonderful Cupid Cup race but we had a few glitches.  The top women skate finishers were reported incorrectly.  I don't have exact times right now, but the order should read:
First - Karen Appleby-Krieg  (finished up there with the men, just after Ken Newhouse.  Nice job, Karen!)
Second - Jodi Bragassa
Third - Debbie Newhouse

Congratulations, ladies!  

Weather Report

We're pretty warm and windy.  The temps this morning were around 40F and we had some rain.  Winds are about 30mph.  Friday night it should get to a low of 28, and from then on the nighttime temps will be below freezing for a week or so.  If any of the snow sticks around during the day, then crust cruising up on Lyon's Creek Road where there are snow machine trails may be a viable option early mornings.  Heading out to check the track conditions this afternoon and I'll post after that.  I wouldn't hold my breath - I bet it's fading away.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Grooming Report

Doug texted just now (7am) after spending about 2 ½ hours grooming early this morning.

Track Condition

It is not beautiful but not bad skiing.  Very fast but rough.  Go out early before the temperature raises.  At 40 plus temperatures it will soften quickly.  Enjoy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Track Conditions

So there is plenty of snow still, but...well it's really soft, especially in the middle of the day.
Here's the track:

And here's what happens on a soft track when you slide ski tips under the snow. Notice the knee and hand marks, the body imprint and two pole lines flaring out from the top. 

What a difference a couple of days make. So glad we had good conditions for the Cupid Cup! Looks like it might be time for early morning crust cruising, if it gets cold enough overnight. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

2016 Cupid Cup Results (Unofficial)

Cupid Cup (Unofficial) Results

Kids Race

  1. C Hancock
  2. E Lacy
  3. R Barrus
  4. E Hurst
  5. K Medvedev
  6. J Barrus
  7. G Wood
  8. C Williams
  9. L Lacy
  10. J Wood

2.5K Teen Race

McCall Dewey
Morgan Hurst
Victoria Medvedeva
Idaho Falls,
Savannah Lacy
Emma Hurst
Isaac Wood
Michael Zenger
Kai Dewey
Eleanor Hancock
Spencer Olsen
Tanner Dupree
St Anthony,
Parker Dupree
St Anthony,
Lander Bragassa
Zander Dupree
St Anthony,

10K Classic Race

Randy Anderson
Bethany Given
Adam Luke
Lindsey Dewey
Mandie Dupree
St Anthony,
Thor Godar
West Yellowstone
Jen Moseley

10K Freestyle Race

The top women skate finishers are reported incorrectly.  I don't have exact times right now, but the order should read:
First - Karen Appleby-Krieg  (finished up there with the men, just after Ken Newhouse)
Second - Jodi Bragassa
Third - Debbie Newhouse
1 Sam Krieg M Pocatello, 25:40.69
2 Eric Balog M Wilson, 25:49.91
3 Pat Bragassa M Ririe, 26:16.23
4 Jack Hart M West Yellowstone 28:13.97
5 Joel Braden M Pocatello, 30:06.55
6 Scott Horn M Jackson, 30:06.89
7 Adam Meyer M Jackson, 30:07.17
8 Troy Neu M Pocatello, 30:09.11
Ryan Shirley M Rexburg, TBD
10 Kellen Birch M Rexburg, 30:26.03
11 Philip Leavitt M Pocatello, 30:35.55
12 Debbie Newhouse F Pocatello, 30:51.60
13 Ken Newhouse M Pocatello, 30:55.25
14 Karen Appleby-Krieg F Pocatello, 31:27.70
15 Andre Kohler M Pocatello, 31:29.44
16 John Zarling M Idaho Falls, 31:30.97
17 Brian Williams M Rexburg, 32:17.58
18 Todd Moseley M Rexburg, 32:39.02
19 Joel Simpson M Minneapolis, 36:04.58
20 Joel Case M Idaho Falls, 36:40.09
21 Kevin Dupree M St Anthony, 36:50.37
22 Jodi Bragassa F Ririe, 37:05.30
23 Andre Kohler M Pocatello, 38:10.62
24 John Zenger M 18 Rexburg, 38:58.92
25 Debbie Newhouse F Pocatello, 39:24.04
26 Keri Ostergaard F Wellsville, 39:38.65
27 Steve Wasden M Rexburg, 40:58.38
28 Erika Nordfelt F Rexburg, 42:27.70

Standard Journal Coverage

The picture pretty much sums it up! Thanks to Matt Johnson for coming out and covering the race.

Groomed to race

Randy texted me at 1:30am (does he ever sleep? Thank you, Randy!). He said:

28* at 1:30, (groomed for the race). It should set ok by morning. Everything is marked out except the start and finish, which we will do in the morning.

Heads up, we expect a 6mph SW wind during the race. Also, although the track is just fine with plenty of cold trapped in it, the forecast is bit warmer than we thought it would be. Air temperature (they say) should be around 30*F around race time. Right now at 7am, it is 20*F.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Course Closed Saturday Morning for Race

Most of the cross-country ski trails at Teton Lakes Golf Course will be closed until about 1pm in order to accommodate the Cupid Cup race Saturday morning, February 13.  The exception is the "Cow Pasture" which will be open for non-racers to skate ski and classic ski during the race hours.  There is a new access trail from the south end of the parking lot which will take you down to the maintenance shed and up to the bridge that leads to the Cow Pasture loop.  Please be courteous and stay clear of all other trails until after the race.
Many thanks!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cupid Cup TOKO Wax Recommendation

A huge thank you to Randy Anderson for this!


Cupid Cup

Teton Lakes Golf Course, Rexburg, ID
Saturday, February 13
  • 10 A.M. Kids, 
  • 10:30 A.M. Adults 
  • 10K Skate or Classic, 2.5K Teen Race, Little Kids Loop
Mass start
2 laps for 10K

Forecast/Conditions: Overnight low of 17, start temperature 25. Partially transformed snow, 60 percent cloud cover, no precipitation forecasted.

Glidewax: Apply LF Black, scrape and brush, then apply HF Red, scrape and brush. Finish by crayoning JetStream Red, iron hot (320F) with a layer of fiberlene under the iron, traveling slowly (20 seconds) tip to tail. Brush with a dedicated nylon polishing brush and polish with a thermopad.

Gripwax: Roughen base with 150 grit sandpaper, iron in Nordic Base Wax Green, cork smooth, let cool. Then apply 3 layers of Nordic GripWax Red, corking between layers.

Structure: A universal grind covered by one pass with the Red Structurite tool before JetStream application will best suit these conditions.

Created by Randy Anderson, Toko Tech Team member since 2015.

Check the WaxTip page at before all of your races for the latest waxing information. The Toko Race Wax Tips offer racers precise waxing advice on how to make your skis perform optimally for a given event. For racers who don’t have top end waxes, skip the Fluorocarbon (JetStream) and substitute the LF or NF wax of the same color (Yellow, Red or Blue). To see optimal application procedures for both Glidewax and Gripwax, go to

Keys found on trail

Doug found a set of Jeep keys and a house key on the trail yesterday.  We have a grocery bag hanging on the sign at the trail head for Lost & Found.  The keys will be in there.

Grooming Update

Randy cleaned up the course yesterday afternoon when the snow was soft enough to let the tines of the Ginzu comb through the snow without tearing it up.  It will have set overnight and should be good, fast skiing today.  The classic track walls are holding up, although there may be a few spots that are starting to fall apart a bit.  We will hold on to the track as long as we can - I expect it to last a couple of weeks still, but you never know.

Usually when the track disappears, we still have a couple of weeks of crust cruising on the bench southeast of Rexburg.  And of course the snow stays longer up north and in the mountains, so the season is by no means ending.  Enjoy the winter.

And by the way, preparations for the Cupid Cup on Saturday are coming along nicely.  It's going to be a great day!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Grooming update

Randy sent this at midnight last night (thanks for spending your night grooming for us, Randy!).

Just finished tuning up the skate lanes, might have to leave the classic tracks alone, it is hard to rebuild them with only hard snow to work with. I'll experiment tomorrow when it is a little warmer and the snow is a little softer. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Cupid Cup Details Finalized

When:  February 13, 2016
  • Registration from 9 AM 
  • Start Times
    • Teen 10:00 AM
    • Little Kids 10:10 AM 
    • 10K Skate 10:30 AM 
    • 10K Classic 10:32 AM

Where:  Teton Lakes Course

  • Little Cupid Race - Kids Loop
  • Teen Race ~2.5K
  • 10 K Classic, timed (2 laps on the Perimeter; optional 5K by finishing one lap only)
  • 10 Freestyle, timed
  • Cocoa, Cider, Tunes and Party Atmosphere

Why: Because Nordic Skiing is literally COOL!

Actually, the 2016 Cupid Cup is a fundraiser for the Rexburg Youth XC Club. Although donations are welcome, there is no required entry fee to participate.

Online registration can be completed by clicking here.
We will be closing online registration at 5PM on Friday Feb 12th
Same Day Registration will open at 9AM at Teton Lakes

We will also accept registrations and cash donations on the day of the race.

Those who would like to donate may do so by clicking on the button below*.

Our first 40 registered entrants who donate $10 or more will be given a nifty Cupid Cup beanie.

Nifty Beanie

*Please note: If we do not have enough snow to safely run the race we will not be able to refund your donation.  However, we will be more than happy to figure out some way to get you your nifty beanie.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Now We're Groomin'

After a couple of weeks of negotiations, anxiety and overnight deliveries from British Columbia we're finally up and running.  Check out Doug tearing it up and then laying it down smooth with the Ginzu behind our brand-new Trackmobile.  Suggestions for an appropriate name can be left in the comments below.  I'm going with "Silver" for now. ;)

Groomed and ready to go

The course looks great! Come ski on the freshly groomed trail (thank you, Doug!).

Friday, February 5, 2016

4 Track (almost) Good to Go

Hooray! Just got word that the braces for the 4 track (which will pull the grooming equipment) just came in this evening.  It should be delivered to the golf course tomorrow morning.  Grooming will start hopefully by mid-morning.  It's always nice to let a track set up a couple of hours after grooming and before skiing, so I would suggest waiting until mid-afternoon if you can.

I'll post if I hear anything else.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

No Grooming yet

The new snow today was beautiful, and it completely covered all tracks at the golf course.  Good luck snowshoeing on your skis until it's groomed.  We're hoping to hook up a smaller snow machine to the roller since the big snow machine we've been borrowing is no longer available.  Our 4 Track is practically ready, except for a part that got shipped accidentally to Louisville (pretty sure that's where it went) instead of Idaho.  Hmm. I doubt they'll need it in Louisville.  Word is, however, that the part will be here tomorrow.  I hope.  I'll post as soon as I know anything else.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Track Conditions and Moose Alert

The skate and classic tracks are holding up really nicely. With the skiff of new snow, it wasn't super icy on the hard skate track.  It was fun and fast skating this morning, although I did trip up on some old bike ruts that were hard to see in the flat light.  Our local Classic expert, Bethany, reports that the classic track was a little sticky today because of the fresh powder, but it was a good grip for poles.

Watch out for the moose. Bethany and I each saw them at different times of the day today in the same spot (see map below).

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but here we go again: 

Please only ski on the skate track if you're skating.  No bikes.  If you're on classic skis, please use the classic track or if you need to be on the skate track, please stay to the side of the skate track.  If you're pulling a chariot or some kind of sled for kiddos (which we love! Get the whole family out!), please stay to the far sides of the skate track.

The V-shape that skate skiers use when skiing make it so the skis can get caught in straight line ruts.  And if a skate skier is moving really fast, catching a ski in non-V-shaped tracks can lead to a painful crash and even cause serious injuries.  Please be careful and considerate.  Thanks!

Moose Alert

The mama moose and her baby like to bed down in the willows near the Cow Pasture.  I saw them in time to skirt around without getting too close, although Mom did get up and walk towards me a bit.  I spent the next few minutes eyeing the trees, figuring out which one I could hop into with skis on if she charged.  I skied really fast for a while.  :) They may be anywhere around the ski tracks, of course, but this does seem to be a favorite spot.  Just keep your eyes open, be respectful, and use good judgment.

Mom and Baby Moose like to bed down here in the willows.

If the moose are in the willows, avoid getting too close by taking a short cut here.

If you'd like to get on and off the Cow Pasture without getting too close to the Moose, take this bridge both ways.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kids Club Photo

Matt Johnson from the Rexburg Standard Journal took the club picture yesterday.  We are missing a few of our skiers from the picture :( but they are very much a part of the Nordic Ski Club!

Ski and Moose Tracks Report

Bethany reports that for classic skiing this morning the track is FAST (and very cold). Yesterday the skate track was getting pretty icy.  We're hoping to get our new 4 Track out today or tomorrow to clean up the skate track.  Heads up, watch for the moose (and moose tracks)!  Bethany saw her through the fog this morning and avoided running into her.

Moose through the fog

Moose Tracks.  Bethany said she saw the moose while on the trail and from the parking lot.