Thursday, February 18, 2016

Track report

The kids in the ski club convinced me to at least try skiing this afternoon. I was pretty skeptical since the last time I tried (2 days ago) it was miserable. Today I was pleasantly surprised. Although it's still pretty tough skiing, it was much better than I had expected. Randy showed up around 5:30pm and we agreed that the track is actually holding up and we should get some more skiing out of it yet. We have cold nights coming, which will help a ton. The track may be rough, or icy, or super soft all in a single day, depending on when you get out, but it's better than nothing! And if we get any more snow, we could still get some really good ski days this winter.
Soggy parking lot.

Still lots of snow.

The ski club kids had a fun ski today, followed by some time watching ski videos and eating snacks inside the Rexburg Cycling trailer. Thanks to Kellen for bringing it out - it was great to get out of the wind!

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