Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Track Conditions and Moose Alert

The skate and classic tracks are holding up really nicely. With the skiff of new snow, it wasn't super icy on the hard skate track.  It was fun and fast skating this morning, although I did trip up on some old bike ruts that were hard to see in the flat light.  Our local Classic expert, Bethany, reports that the classic track was a little sticky today because of the fresh powder, but it was a good grip for poles.

Watch out for the moose. Bethany and I each saw them at different times of the day today in the same spot (see map below).

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but here we go again: 

Please only ski on the skate track if you're skating.  No bikes.  If you're on classic skis, please use the classic track or if you need to be on the skate track, please stay to the side of the skate track.  If you're pulling a chariot or some kind of sled for kiddos (which we love! Get the whole family out!), please stay to the far sides of the skate track.

The V-shape that skate skiers use when skiing make it so the skis can get caught in straight line ruts.  And if a skate skier is moving really fast, catching a ski in non-V-shaped tracks can lead to a painful crash and even cause serious injuries.  Please be careful and considerate.  Thanks!

Moose Alert

The mama moose and her baby like to bed down in the willows near the Cow Pasture.  I saw them in time to skirt around without getting too close, although Mom did get up and walk towards me a bit.  I spent the next few minutes eyeing the trees, figuring out which one I could hop into with skis on if she charged.  I skied really fast for a while.  :) They may be anywhere around the ski tracks, of course, but this does seem to be a favorite spot.  Just keep your eyes open, be respectful, and use good judgment.

Mom and Baby Moose like to bed down here in the willows.

If the moose are in the willows, avoid getting too close by taking a short cut here.

If you'd like to get on and off the Cow Pasture without getting too close to the Moose, take this bridge both ways.

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