Saturday, February 20, 2016

Grooming Report

Doug just texted this report (9am Saturday). I'm very happy :)

The track has been groomed to the best it can be.  We still have snow all around and we must skirt around a few ponds but skiing isn't too bad.

Addendum: I skate skied at Teton Lakes around 1pm today and it was great. The track was fast but not icy. Today's grooming really helped clean it up. The snow is behaving like it is Spring Skiing, with lots of fast skating, especially in the shade, and a few rough spots from sun melt and ski ruts. Just for kicks, I also found quite a bit of skiable crust, even in the middle of the day at 35F and sunny, although I punched through any south facing hillsides. Mostly I stayed on the nicely groomed track. Everything except the Clover Leaf is groomed for skating. Super fun & fast. Jeff put HF8 wax on my skis last week, worked great for today.

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