Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Grooming Dec 30

Randy groomed last night and Doug made another couple of passes since then over the tracks (thank you both!). Also, the groomer comb is fixed so the track should be nice corduroy. New this year, we now have a double classic track. With those two tracks side by side, people can now ski next to each other without worrying about being in the skate lane. Randy set out the trail sign and map at the trail head. Just behind the sign, we have a practice loop, a great little spot to work on skating or for kids to ski around. 
It really is a beautiful day, everything is in top-shape, and winter is wonderful - so go enjoy!

Oh, our groomers spend hours and hours on the tracks, so please help keep them nice by staying in the skate lane only if you're skating, and in the classic tracks only if you're classic skiing. And please avoid walking on the groomed tracks. Footprints can trip up skiers. If you must walk, please stay far to one side. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Grooming Update - Dec 29

One pass made on the skate lane to buff it out.  Light snow still falling will likely leave a little skiff.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ski Drone First Flight

Hopefully we'll have warmer days in the future to use this new tech to analyze and improve

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Grooming update

Merry Christmas! Teton Lakes (the golf course) was groomed on Christmas Day. It's bitterly cold, but if you dress well it should be a great Nordic ski day.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday Mid-day Grooming Report

Randy went over the tracks today so they should be good for skating and classic skiing (thank you!). Now the rest of us need to shovel our way out of the driveway so we can go ski! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Grooming Report Tuesday p.m.

Many thanks to our volunteer trail groomers! Doug went around the track earlier today, then Randy did another pass this evening. Randy also set the inside skate tracks: the "Boot" on the north side of the golf course, and the "Clover Leaf" in the middle of the golf course. The Clover Leaf is the section that includes some hill climbing. 
This is the first time the inside skate tracks have been rolled out so we hope they set up well overnight and leave us with a good base for the rest of the winter. If you find yourself punching through too much on those tracks, it might be best to stay off for a day or so until they set up.
Classic tracks should be just fine.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Grooming update, Friday night

Randy just texted this, which means he's out grooming at 11pm! (Thank you, Randy!)
Outer (perimeter) loop groomed, skate and classic. A broken comb is leaving the skate track a little uneven. Will get that fixed soon. Should set up good tonight.

Track Conditions

As of midday today, no further grooming has been done.  The base has set well enough that you can skate on top of it, even with fresh snow on it.  The only problem is finding the track - it's all one white field.  The classic track is fine, but it gets lost every so often and you may find yourself, like I did, way off course unless you're paying really close attention.   Still, it's great to get out, especially since it's not very cold.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Track Conditions

I meant to post that only the perimeter is being groomed right now.  The inside skate loops haven't been set yet.
With new snow yesterday evening and lots of wind, both the skate and the classic tracks have been covered, especially on the North East area.  You can still skate, and some stretches are pretty good, but other stretches you are breaking trail.  The classic track is pretty good where visible.  Thankfully we have a good base out so you can make do.
The slower conditions are great for practicing drills, form, and technique.  And it's still just really nice to have a place to get out and play in winter.  Not sure when the next grooming will be, but I'll post it as soon as I know.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Nordic Club General Info

Once I figure out how to make a new tab, I'll put the Nordic Club info there (I'm not computer savvy).  Meanwhile, everyone (Club member or no) gets to read this.  I'm reposting this information to reply to a few questions I've had lately.

For youth grades 7-12, this is the second year of the Rexburg Nordic Club. 

Registration is open all season, meaning anyone can join in at any time, no previous experience necessary. Participants need to register through the Rexburg City Recreation Department (it's $10).  



The Rexburg Nordic Team provides opportunities for youth in grades 7-12 to learn a new sport or continue developing as cross-country skiers through organized team practice. During team practices, members will learn technique and develop endurance, regardless of their personal experience levels.  Both skate and classic techniques will be taught. Participants may also have the option of competing in local and area community races (you have to pay your own race fees). This is a great way for youth to stay active during the winter months. On days with no snow, we will hold dry-land practices at the Teton Lakes Golf Course.

No previous experience needed, all levels welcome.  Dress warmly in layers with good gloves.

NOTE: Skis can be stored on site. While the Ski Shed is locked, we make no guarantees on the security.  Students may have the option of riding the bus to the golf course for practice.  Please check with the school district transportation department for information.


Grades 7-12


M & Th Practice, excluding Holidays and school closure days.  No practices over Christmas Break.


4:15-5:00/5:10. Once we have more daylight, we may extend to 5:30 (probably mid-January).


December 7-February 25, as weather permits (if there's no snow, we can still do dry-land training.  If it's a blizzard, we may cancel that day.  Check the blog for updates). 


Kids are responsible for their own skis, boots and poles.  The City skis have all been loaned out, but there are plenty of other options for kids to get gear.  You can borrow, buy or rent skis.  Rentals can be done on a daily basis through BYU-I's Outdoor Resource Center (the ORC) or seasonally through Forrest Southam: 

Forrest Southam
Rexburg Cross Country Ski Rentals and Sales

Skate Skiing and Classic Skiing coaching

Coached by Steve Barrus & Stephanie Hancock


Questions?  Contact Stephanie Hancock at

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tracks set

The skate and classic tracks are both set. (Thank you!) It's fantastic! Give them a couple of hours to set up & it'll be even better. The snow is a little soft and there are a few tufts of grass, but considering two days ago we had nothing, conditions today are pretty amazing. 

Monday, December 14, 2015


I'll post a grooming report as soon as it comes in.  Meanwhile, I did see Doug out rolling the skate track this evening, and apparently he rolled out the base early this morning (everyone is shouting a huge THANK YOU!).  If all goes well, we should have a skiable skate track tomorrow - but keep checking this blog for any updates.

Many thanks to Rachel for taking pictures of the Nordic Club.  We had about 15 show today, plus a few adults to help out. The kids were awesome and had a good time getting their ski legs back.  This was the first time back on snow this season for many of them.  Our next practice is Thursday and should be a great ski day.  Remember, if you need skis you can contact Forrest (see earlier posts), rent from the ORC, borrow, or buy your own.  What a great way to get out and enjoy winter!

(And I can't say enough how wonderful the Ski Shed is. Love it!)

Nordic Ski Club

I don't know if any tracks will be set or groomed (it's pretty slushy snow), but there's enough snow to run around on with skis.  Please bring your skis, boots and poles or have someone arrange to drop them off at practice.   Contact Coach Hancock for questions:  Also, remember Forrest Southam is a great resource for people needing ski equipment.  Contact him at

See you this afternoon. Dress warmly!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Winter Preparations

We are continuing dry land training with the Nordic Club. These kids are tough and so positive, even with the high winds and rain and cold. If we get enough snow this weekend, please plan on skiing Monday. If you need help getting your gear out this first time, let Coach Hancock know and we can figure it out (

Check out the awesome Ski Shed. 

A great big THANK YOU to the Recreation Department for getting the port-a-potty on site. We are now all set for winter. Bring on the snow!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

World Cup

Ryan told us about Skiing Vinnie, a great place to watch the World Cup events going on right now.  It's pretty amazing what the human body can do!
And check out this site for further news on the World Cup.

Nordic Club time adjustment

Coaches Steve & Stephanie both agree that we will need to end practice by about 5:10 until  mid- January when the days start getting longer.  We had planned on a 5:30 end time but it is just too dark to do anything by then.
Please let your rides know we'll wrap up around 5 and be loaded up and ready to go by 5:10.  In January when we have more daylight, we will be able to go longer.  We'll let you know. Thanks!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Cross or X Country Skiing-Free Skate Technique

This short video has years' worth of information!  Listen closely and watch over and over again. The problems and solutions he describes are easy to talk about, but can be difficult to recognize and fix.  Skate skiing doesn't have to be perfect to be tons of fun, so don't worry if you're not ready for the Olympics just yet.  :)

4 Tips for Beginner Diagonal Stride, Classic Skiing

Here's an excellent intro for beginners on Classic skis (and reminder to experienced skiers) as we get ready to be on snow.

Monday, December 7, 2015

First Nordic Practice

We had a super turnout for our first practice. We look forward to a great season.
It was really pretty cold today. Please bring good winter clothes with you - just keep a winter bag packed and bring it each time, if you like.   Also, it's a good idea to have a water bottle on hand or kept in your backpack.

The Ski Shed is AMAZING!  It is going to make the season so much easier to have a place for gear, for backpacks during practice, for kids waiting for rides or anyone needing a break.  I'll post pictures of it Thursday.

It was wonderful to have so many of you here today.  Spread the word! And remember to register through the City.  It'll cost you $10 for the season.  (There are two Nordic options offered, make sure you pick the "Rexburg Nordic Team" and not the "Family Cross Country Ski Clinic".)

If you need skis, boots, and poles,  you can try renting. Check with Forrest Southam (, try the ORC, or you can buy used (just look around), or even borrow some.

Contact Stephanie Hancock with any questions:

Nordic Kids: Yes, we are meeting today

The Nordic Kids Club is meeting as planned, and will always meet regardless of the weather (unless it is a dangerous blizzard or well-below 0F, or is a school holiday).  Right now there's a mix of rain and snow, and wind.  The temperature isn't cold (36F), but if you are not dressed well, it could be very uncomfortable.
However, if you didn't pack warm clothing today, come anyway.  The Ski Hut is being set up right now at the golf course.  We can squeeze a fair number of kids in whenever anyone needs a break from the weather.  It isn't heated (unless we put in a space heater), but it is insulated and will give shelter (THANK YOU to Ryan Shirley for his craftsmanship and time, and Randy for his generous help).

As a suggestion, please pack an extra backpack for your winter clothes and bring it with you each time (don't forget warm socks, hats and gloves/mittens!).  See you awesome, tough skiers out there!  (I bet Steve will have plenty of stuff for you to do to warm you up).

NOTE:  Forrest Southam will be on site this afternoon to fit anyone with a ski package that needs it.  He has gear for rent at a very inexpensive price for the season.  If you need to contact him, check out the earlier posts for his information.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Not enough snow yet

The Teton Lakes Golf Course still needs more snow to handle the grooming equipment, so no real skiing there yet.  I suppose you could stomp around on the deeper patches of snow...?
Anyway, the Kids Nordic Ski Club will have it's first meeting Monday December 7th at 4:15pm.  Junior High and High School kids can contact the School District Transportation Department for help on which bus to take to the golf course, if needed.  You can't take ski gear on the bus, but if you get it to me (email at the bottom of this post) I can drive it there on Monday, or have a parent meet you there with your skis and poles and boots.  We plan to have the Ski Hut there by Monday to store your equipment on-site.  It is a securely locked shed, but we make no guarantees on the safety of the equipment. Hope to see many of you there.  Dress warmly! Hats, warm socks, and mittens or gloves are a must (PLEASE!).

Remember, we hold practices even when there aren't skiable conditions.  Snow or no snow, we'll be there Mondays and Thursdays, 4:15-5:30. Bring your friends!

Please contact me with any questions.  We'll have all Kids Nordic Ski Club participants register through the City Rec Department this year.  We can give you more info on Monday, or send me an email.  Thanks!

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nordic Club Info

All the City skis have been loaned out for the season.  If you want to rent a set for the season, there are a few options.  You can contact Forrest Southam (see the next blog post for his info) and rent a set for pittance (we're talking around $20 for the season).  Another option, especially if you want skate skis, is BYU-Idaho's ORC.  You can also purchase your own set - just look around or email me if you have questions.

West Yellowstone has some great skiing already.  Next week is their amazing week of ski clinics.  Check them out here.  We're going up for one day (Saturday's "Improve your skate" clinic, and the kids' clinic).  Come join us.  Because of an injury, I may end up reading a book in the car, but I'll be happy to see all the people out.

Happy trails.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

No Excuses - Come Ski!

Great news for our 7-12 grades x-country kids club: 
If you need to rent skis for the season, or better yet, if you're interested in purchasing your own set for cheap, you can contact Forrest Southam to see if he has anything for you.  Forrest has been gathering ski equipment for the past couple of years at ski swaps and other venues.  He's excited to help outfit anyone that would like to get started.  They are mostly fish scale (waxless) classic skis, which would be great for anyone wanting equipment to get started and get out on the snow.

Forrest Southam
Rexburg Cross Country Ski Rentals and Sales


Speaking of classic skis, my first set of skis were big ol' fish scale touring skis (they made 'em big back then).  I raced on those skis my high school Freshman year in New Hampshire.  While I was nowhere near being competitive, I was out having fun and learning great skills.  I even skate skied in 5K races on those fish scales!  Pretty sure those enormous skis made me a stronger skier.
I guess the point is that while we would love to have everyone on top-of-the line skate or classic skis, we are just happy to have people on anything decent, learning technique and balance and having a blast.  Someday we may turn into a competitive club, and for now we will support any club members that want to race competitively, but our focus is mainly on getting outside, being active, and having fun while learning & practicing Nordic ski skills.  So come out and have fun with us on whatever gear you have!  And start thinking cold, snowy thoughts...

Friday, August 14, 2015

Nordic Club News

We're trying out something new this year with the youth Nordic Club: we're putting ourselves under the City Recreation Department.  This is a pretty exciting development, since we'll have the benefits of being under the umbrella of the City.  Although last year was completely cost-free, this year we will charge a seasonal fee of $10 for club members.  The fees will help pay for upkeep of current equipment, be put towards purchasing new equipment, pay for ski wax, and help with building up a budget for the costs of running a club.

Remember, this year there will be a storage shed (thanks to our builder Ryan, and for your help Randy and Jill!) to keep your equipment on-site during the week or throughout the whole season.

Here's the information for the upcoming season, which will also be advertised in the Fall City Recreation Guide:

Rexburg Nordic Team (Youth Grades 7-12 Cross Country Ski Team)


The Rexburg Nordic Team provides opportunities for youth in grades 7-12 to learn a new sport or continue developing as cross-country skiers through organized team practice. During team practices, members will learn technique and develop endurance, regardless of their personal experience levels.  Both skate and classic techniques will be taught. Participants may also have the option of competing in local and area community races (you have to pay your own race fees). This is a great way for youth to stay active during the winter months. On days with no snow, we will hold dry-land practices at the Teton Lakes Golf Course.

No previous experience needed, all levels welcome.  Dress warmly in layers with good gloves.

Skis can be stored on site and students may have the option of riding the bus to the golf course for practice.  Please check with the school district transportation department for information.


Grades 7-12


M & Th Practice, excluding Holidays and school closure days




December 7-February 25, as weather permits (if there's no snow, we can still do dry-land training.  If it's a blizzard, we may cancel that day). 


The team has limited cross-country skis available for season use  (only 8 pairs). Plan on providing your own or contact Stephanie Hancock (317-1365) to reserve a set for the season, while supplies last. If you are purchasing new skis, you may want to consider combination skis that allow for both classic and skate technique. 

Skate Skiing and Classic Skiing coaching

Coached by Steve Barrus & Stephanie Hancock



Repost of Interview: Biking and Skiing in the CXC Ski Newsletter


Biking And Skiing, What's The Connection? 

An Interview with Vince Rosetta
Vince always loved to bike, as it was his “ticket to travel” during the summer as a little kid to take him to the trails with friends, where they spent endless hours biking. Today, Vince continues to bike, as a way to maintain his endurance seeing as he has also added another highly aerobic sport to his regime; cross country skiing.
Vince Rosetta, CXC Board MemberCXC Masters Team member and Account Manager at Quality Bicycle Products (QBP), shares his experiences and input on the correlation between biking and skiing and how both are beneficial to building a base of endurance.
Vince Rosetta
Before moving to Minneapolis in 2010, Vince lived in Austin, Texas for ten years.
“Living in Austin and San Antonio during the height of the Tour de France craze, road riding was king. Everybody I hung out with was on road bikes. I worked at three bike shops during my time in Texas and that is all we did. My final stop before moving to Minneapolis was working at Mellow Johnny's, the shop Lance Armstrong owns, being there at the height of the Lance craze was an incredible experience. Basically, if you weren't riding a bike you weren’t doing anything. The infrastructure for cycling in Austin was amazing. I’m pretty convinced that there were still trails I was never on and I was down there for 10 years.” Explains Vince.
Despite Austin’s endless bike trails, in his opinion, the Minneapolis bike culture has topped Austin’s. There was another aspect Minneapolis had that Austin didn't; snow.
Vince has a background in skiing, but being without snow for ten years made for a more challenging comeback.
“I skied a little bit in college, but a few years after graduation I found myself in Texas. Needless to say there wasn't any skiing to be had for 10 years. I moved to Minneapolis in 2010 and picked up right where I left off. I was just a little more rusty than I had hoped. The most challenging aspect in resuming cross country skiing after so many years off was basically learning how to do it again. I had the general idea how to ski but it was really ugly. Imagine a newborn deer trying to walk, that is how I felt when I was re-learning. The frustration of re-learning alone, was all the motivation I needed to get better at skiing. I think I went to Como golf course in St. Paul everyday for a month just to practice technique, and make progress everyday I was out there. A friend mentioned a group called CXC so I looked more into it and I have been involved ever since. I continue to learn things every time I go to a Masters camp."  
Vince out on Ski Trails
Once Vince got his ski legs back, he realized skiing was the ideal winter workout to keep him in shape for bike season, and bike season was a perfect way to build his base for the ski season.
 "Four hours on a bike up and down Minnesota and Wisconsin hills throughout summer and fall, do wonders for my base building. Throwing in high intensity road rides simulate the effort needed to finish the Birkie or any other ski race. Constantly speeding up your heart and then recovering long enough to do it over and over again, lays the groundwork for the ski season." 
Photo Courtesy of Memories by Dee
Once the snow flies, and the bike gets put away for the winter, skiing intensity workouts are important for Vince to increase physical and mental gains for both the ski and bike season. He mentions he doesn't have to do long skis, but can focus on short intense workouts to maximize top end speed and recovery.
“In the winter, you can’t replicate the level of intensity skiing gives you in your basement with a bike hooked up to a bike trainer. Biking on a trainer more than 45 minutes is a mind numbing experience. Too many of those types of workouts and you go nuts. Nothing beats being outside with friends flying up and down the Birkie trail.”  
Vince at the Birkie
Vince has become a better skier in part by being a member of the CXC Masters Team. He attends technique camps and clinics throughout the season. Although the workouts are beneficial, Vince also loves the social aspect and camaraderie of being a Masters Team Member.
“After sessions It’s fun to hear different stories of everyone on the Masters team. The aspect I like most about the Master's team, is it’s made up of people from all ability levels and backgrounds. I've been apart of some training groups where if you are not an Elite or Wave 1 skier in the Birkie, you get the feeling you shouldn't be there and are treated like a 2nd class citizen. Those groups are all about ego, having the best stuff, fastest times, etc... Thankfully that isn’t anywhere close to the CXC Masters Team! I say team, but it's more like a group of friends that all help each other to get better as a group. Egos are non existent and yes, Elite wave members actually talk to people who have been on skis for the first time.”  
Switching gears to spring, the benefit of skiing for four months is evident for Vince when he gets on the bike for the first ride of the season.
“Basically, my base is already built for the riding season. Honestly, I can say ever since I’ve started skiing, my road riding and racing has never been stronger. In the early months when people are out spinning long base building rides, I’m able to concentrate on higher intensity workouts because my base is solid from skiing.” Explains Vince.
Vince Skiing in Minneapolis
When Vince isn’t riding his bike, skiing or working, he serves as a CXC Board Member as well.
“When Yuriy asked me if I ever considered a board position at CXC I really didn’t know what to say other than “yes.” There were other ski boards I wanted to be apart of but for one reason or another it didn't work out. An opportunity to help grow skiing and more importantly CXC, was a chance I couldn't pass up. It is fun seeing all the programs take form from planning to execution. Contributing to the growth of CXC is a very rewarding experience.” Said Vince
As a board member, Vince’s vision is to continue to grow CXC to become the go-to cross country ski organization in the country.
Skiing or biking, we're sure Vince will continue to promote the CXC vision, and for that we are thankful!
CXC Annual Drawing
Support CXC Adaptive Program for Kids with physical disabilities and visual impairment with your ticket purchase for the annual bike drawing! Win a custom designed, hand crafted, Eriksen titanium road frame bike!  Click here for more details! 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Once-in-a-Lifetime American Medal

This amazing story, written by Stuart Stevens, was posted on the Daily Beast website.  Thanks to Dave for sending it along.

Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty



A Once-in-a-Lifetime American Medal

Zero American cross-country skiers have medaled in a major distance event in 33 years. That was until yesterday, at least, when Jessie Diggins and Caitlin Gregg did just that.
For many Americans, cross-country ski racing is the race walking of winter sports, that odd endeavor that looks difficult but not fun. For others it’s that thing those who can’t downhill ski do while the real skiers are having fun on the mountain.
But in Europe and Scandinavia, it’s a major sport—if not a pastime—followed by millions with rewards for the top racers of fame and fortune. For decades, a dedicated group of Americans have worked their hearts out to compete with the world’s best on their turf. With no big races in the U.S., Americans leave home in November and don’t return until April. But no American had won a medal at the World Championship in a cross-country distance race for the last 33 years.
That was until yesterday, when two women from Minnesota, Jessie Diggins and Caitlin Gregg, pulled off one of the epic upsets in winter sports history, winning silver and bronze medals in the 10-kilometer race at the 2015 World Championships in Falun, Sweden. Another U.S. woman, Liz Stephans, was 10th.
To have three American women in the top 10 at the World Championship is like a Swede being named MVP of the Super Bowl, closely followed by a Norwegian and a Finn. They’re the first American medals since Vermonter Bill Koch won a silver medal in the 1976 Olympics, followed by a 1982 bronze medal in the World Championship.
Tuesday, February 24 will go down as the greatest day in the history of the cross-country U.S Ski Team. That these medals were won by U.S. female athletes makes it sweeter, given the nation’s focus on male-dominated sports.
I saw Joe Frazier put Muhammad Ali on the canvas in their first bout and it was that kind of moment—when something stirs inside a battered athlete and they somehow find another level.
I’ve been in Falun since the opening of the World Championships and it’s a wild scene. Tens of thousands of fans line some of the world’s toughest courses, screaming for their country’s racers. National flags are big with the spectators. For every 100 flag of a traditional powerhouse like Sweden or Norway, there may be one decked with stars and stripes.
That’s why it takes unimaginable focus for an American to walk into that ski stadium, line up with the world’s best in front of their rabid fans, knowing almost no one believes you have a chance, and medal anyway. But there is something special about this closely knit American team, a bond forged living together every year for five months on the road far from family and friends. And in a snowy Falun, they seized their moment.
There’s a hill on the Falun course so long and steep the racers call it Murder Hill; the women skied it twice on the 10-kilometer course. By the second loop, every racer was exhausted and it is at that point in a race when racers say their bodies are screaming to drop the pace just a bit—anything to make the pain less intense. Minnesotan Jessie Diggins—5’4”, 128 pounds—instead looked around at the sea of Swedes, Norwegians, Finns, Germans and Italians for a split second, put her head down and attacked Murder Hill, moving a crowd to cheers.
I saw Joe Frazier put Muhammad Ali on the canvas in their first bout and it was that kind of moment—when something stirs inside a battered athlete and they somehow find another level.
Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters
The heart and soul of this U.S. ski team is Alaska’s Kikkan Randall, who, at 33, can remember when she was the only American who could break the top 30 in a World Cup race. She’s a sprint specialist who was heavily favored to medal in the Sochi Olympics, only to miss advancing to the finals by .05 of a second. In 2013 she won the World Cup overall title in the sprint category, giving hope to every American racer. Along with another sprinter, Canada’s Chandra Crawford, a gold medalist in the 2006 Olympics, Randall formed Fast and Female, a nonprofit with the mission “to empower young women to remain in sport” and “dominate the world.”
This season has been a disappointment for Randall as she has struggled to find her form. But today her vision of convincing young women they can realize their dreams and accomplish any goal came alive as two American women stunned the skiing world and took the podium. After today’s race, in which she placed 15th, which not long ago would have been seen as a breakthrough U.S. performance, she rushed to her teammates and lifted them upward in a moment of sheer joy. They had dominated the world.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

X-Country Ski Club Wearables

For anyone interested in Rexburg XCSKI Club clothing, there are a couple of options available.  The best option would be for you to call or stop by Kettle Embroidery (61 East Main Street, Rexburg; 656-9993) to place and pay for your order.  Ask for the ski club logo under my name, Stephanie Hancock.  I worked with Debbie, so it might be easiest to ask for her help.  I gave Kettle permission for any of you to use the logo on any item (there's a whole catalog of clothing options, and you're welcome to pick something different).  Here are the samples and suggested items I got for you to preview.   I'll add the price list at the bottom of this post.
The other option would be for you to contact me with your order and payment, and I can place the order for you if you can't find a way to get to Kettle.  Just let me know (email me at

Oliver is modeling (somewhat reluctantly) the neck gaiter and the vest in the first picture.  Many thanks to him for designing such a good-looking logo.  I think it turned out great.

I tried three different combinations of colors.  We have the logo set to handle two colors, so when you talk to the people at Kettle, pick two from black, red, and white.

This one and the black and red one above turned out really well. 

The white skiers with the red lettering didn't turn out as well as the others, probably because the fleece on the neck gaiter is thick.

I am not a photographer, so I apologize for the poor picture quality and orientation. If you tilt your head sideways and look really closely, you can see these items better.

The shirt pictured is a Men's Small  (a good size for Sam and Oliver), and the vest pictured is a Men's Medium.  The Neck Gaiter is one size.

Price List and Item Number of Items Pictured

Fleece Neck Gaiter

Item #FS07 Midnight Heather
Price (includes Embroidery): $11.00, plus tax  (sorry, I quoted you all $5 at practice, but that didn't include embroidery).

Long Sleeved T-Shirt  (is a poly/spandex blend - very nice). 

Item #ST700LS  Heather Grey
Price (includes Embroidery):   $15.98, plus tax.

Fleece Vest

Item #F226 Vest Pearl Grey
Price (includes Embroidery): $23.98, plus tax.

One last option - you can order vinyl lettering on a hoodie/sweatshirt and make the logo much larger (5"x10", for example).  It's about $5 extra for each color of the logo, in addition to the cost of the sweatshirt.  You can make the logo all black (or whatever color) for $5, or go for two colors if you want to pay the extra $10.  The hoodies start at about $20.  You can pick them out at Kettle in their catalogue, along with your colors, if you want.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2014-15 Nordic Club Recap

Thanks to all the kids and parents who joined us for our first ever Rexburg Nordic Club!  Yesterday was the last practice of this season.  We had hoped for another week or two, but the snow vanished prematurely.  The time we did get on snow was fantastic.

At our highest turnout, we had twenty (!!!) 7th-12 graders, a couple of parents and a few younger kids.  We averaged about twelve kids per practice.  This was amazing, especially considering that for the most part we had very poor snow conditions and that we had expected maybe five or six kids for our inaugural year.  It really was a lot of fun and there were major improvements over the season.  Good job, everyone!

Next year we'll be even bigger and better, especially if we have a good winter.  Spread the word.  I think some people aren't aware that cross-country skiing is actually a lot of fun.  Also, I know lack of equipment is always a hindrance.  Don't forget you can rent skis (it's cheaper than downhill skiing by far).  Or shop around (online, yard sales, whatever).  You don't have to be on top-notch equipment to learn to ski.  Contact me at if you need help purchasing equipment.

Many thanks to the City of Rexburg and private individuals for loaning us equipment, and for the ORC for discounted rentals.  Thanks to everyone involved at Teton Lakes Golf Course for letting us hold practices there.  A huge thanks to Randy and Doug for grooming, and many, many thanks to Steve Barrus for coaching. Everything was done on a volunteer basis, and we appreciate you all!

I will post pictures and ordering information for the Club shirt, fleece vest, and neck gaiter as soon as I get them.  It'll probably be late next week or the next.

Meanwhile, winter isn't over yet!  If anyone wants to organize a ski trip to West Yellowstone or Harriman, please feel free to do so. You can contact Steve Barrus at for club members' email addresses.

I'll try to keep information up to date on local skiing options.  We skied at West Yellowstone (wet, soft and slow) Friday and Jeff skied at Harriman (much wetter, softer, and slower) on Saturday.  Steve H. reports that the skiing is still alive and well in Teton Canyon/Alta/Targhee area, and although it's been a little too warm so far this week it should be nice again starting tomorrow.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Nordic Club update

We'll meet today for dry land training.  For those of you who have city skis, boots, and poles will you please bring them today to turn back in?  You may also deliver them to me in person (contact me at 317-1365).  Many thanks to the City of Rexburg for loaning us their equipment this season!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Green Grass - February 8

I snapped some pictures of the golf course this evening. As you can see, we are taking a break from winter. Hopefully it's temporary, but who can say?

Nordic Club On Monday February 8

Please bring your skis, boots and poles as usual, but also bring shoes to run around in. We may be on snow and/or  we may be on dry land. Thanks!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

What Happened to Winter in January

(See the next post for last night's update on course conditions as well as the status of next week's Cupid Cup).

Lee Warnick, who teaches media courses at BYU-Idaho (and is a self-proclaimed life-long weather and climate wonk) sends out a detailed weather report at the end of each month.  He kindly gave me permission to let me re-post his report here.  It's nice to see the what and why of the weather.  Our El Nino year explains our troubles with ski conditions.
You can also subscribe to his weather reports  (Rexburg Weather Group/Google Groups).

January Rexburg Temperatures

High temperatures: 29.9 / 2.0 degrees above normal
Low temperatures: 14.8 / 4.2 degrees above normal

Zero or below days: 4     Normal: 6.6
Highest wind gust: 40 mph on the 5th
Number of windy days: 1     Normal: 3.3

Highest temperature: 44 on the 27th
Lowest temperature: -14 on there 1st
Lowest wind chill: -28 on the 2nd

     • Our post-Christmas cold snap lasted briefly into the new year, but within a few days we were several degrees above freezing, setting a daily record of 40 by the 7th. For the rest of the month we rode temperature roller coasters that peaked in the 40s each time before retreating into the 20s and 30s.

     • What helped keep this from being a near-record-breaking, El Niño-fueled month was the frequent moderate-to-dense fog that seemed to return whenever the few puny storms coming our way weren't clearing things out. By my count, we had at least decent fog on almost half of our days in January. And that fog was thick enough often enough to knock our daytime temps down significantly. This was the year we seemed to have just the perfect test-tube combination of snow on the ground along with just-so temps, humidity and a predominantly stable airmass. Did you notice how the fog many times seemed to almost magically materialize just after the sun went down? 

     • Stable airmass? I'd say so! The barometric pressure was above 30.00 (which is marginally above "neutral" level) on all 31 days at the time I took my morning reading. Most of the time the barometer was well above 30.00. Not a lot of action will be taking place under this kind of high pressure dominance.

January Rexburg Precipitation

Precipitation: 0.72 / 73 percent of normal
Snowfall: 6.2 / 44 percent of normal

2014-15 water year precipitation (4 of 12 months): 3.49 / 85 percent of normal
2014-15 seasonal snowfall: 36.4 / 91 percent of normal

     • With the kind of high pressure dominance we experienced in January (not a surprise in an El Ni ño winter), the relative lack of snow was also not surprising. As you can see above, we got less than half our usual January total. The snow we did receive came in one decent storm on the 16th, a few piddly little things that barely covered the ground, and even some eerie fog-generated stuff that left trees ghostly well into the afternoon on some days. Finally, a third of our January precip came from an all-rain system on the 27th-28th.

     • Rexburg sees lots of snow -- nearly 5 feet per year. But unlike the places you've been hearing about lately that have been dumped on by a single storm with snow measured in feet, we tend to receive our snow in more frequent, lighter doses. In other words, it snows a little a lot in Rexburg. That hasn't been the case this year, however. I've counted four storms so far that have left four inches or more of snow. It hasn't snowed as often as is usual this winter, but when it has, it's tended to be more productive.

     • Our relative lack of January snow is nothing compared to what our neighbors in Utah saw. Salt Lake City got virtually no snow in January -- they usually receive a foot. We were down there last weekend and were amazed to see not just a lack of snow on the ground in the valleys (not even in drifts) but the snow level on the mountains as high as 8,000 feet. That's more like April than January! But really, once you travel just a little ways south of Rexburg, the snow cover largely vanishes. We have more than our share around here and more than could reasonably be expected in this kind of year (we're at 91 percent of normal snowfall so far this season).

Friday, February 6, 2015

Track Report and Cupid Cup is still a Go

Tom just sent a very positive update on the trail conditions for Teton Lakes (the golf course).  He's also the man in charge of the Cupid Cup next week, which, by the way, is a super race with great prizes (and a really cool ski cap/beanie this year).  It really is a fun event for all abilities and ages.  The race is for both classic and skate skiing.  Click here to get more information and register online.  
Here's his report:

Just so you know, I have not given up hope for the race next week. I was out on the trails today and they are still holding on. 

I think if the track melts out we would still be able to put on the kids race at least.  My hope is that we can have both adult and kids races.