Thursday, February 12, 2015

X-Country Ski Club Wearables

For anyone interested in Rexburg XCSKI Club clothing, there are a couple of options available.  The best option would be for you to call or stop by Kettle Embroidery (61 East Main Street, Rexburg; 656-9993) to place and pay for your order.  Ask for the ski club logo under my name, Stephanie Hancock.  I worked with Debbie, so it might be easiest to ask for her help.  I gave Kettle permission for any of you to use the logo on any item (there's a whole catalog of clothing options, and you're welcome to pick something different).  Here are the samples and suggested items I got for you to preview.   I'll add the price list at the bottom of this post.
The other option would be for you to contact me with your order and payment, and I can place the order for you if you can't find a way to get to Kettle.  Just let me know (email me at

Oliver is modeling (somewhat reluctantly) the neck gaiter and the vest in the first picture.  Many thanks to him for designing such a good-looking logo.  I think it turned out great.

I tried three different combinations of colors.  We have the logo set to handle two colors, so when you talk to the people at Kettle, pick two from black, red, and white.

This one and the black and red one above turned out really well. 

The white skiers with the red lettering didn't turn out as well as the others, probably because the fleece on the neck gaiter is thick.

I am not a photographer, so I apologize for the poor picture quality and orientation. If you tilt your head sideways and look really closely, you can see these items better.

The shirt pictured is a Men's Small  (a good size for Sam and Oliver), and the vest pictured is a Men's Medium.  The Neck Gaiter is one size.

Price List and Item Number of Items Pictured

Fleece Neck Gaiter

Item #FS07 Midnight Heather
Price (includes Embroidery): $11.00, plus tax  (sorry, I quoted you all $5 at practice, but that didn't include embroidery).

Long Sleeved T-Shirt  (is a poly/spandex blend - very nice). 

Item #ST700LS  Heather Grey
Price (includes Embroidery):   $15.98, plus tax.

Fleece Vest

Item #F226 Vest Pearl Grey
Price (includes Embroidery): $23.98, plus tax.

One last option - you can order vinyl lettering on a hoodie/sweatshirt and make the logo much larger (5"x10", for example).  It's about $5 extra for each color of the logo, in addition to the cost of the sweatshirt.  You can make the logo all black (or whatever color) for $5, or go for two colors if you want to pay the extra $10.  The hoodies start at about $20.  You can pick them out at Kettle in their catalogue, along with your colors, if you want.

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