Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2014-15 Nordic Club Recap

Thanks to all the kids and parents who joined us for our first ever Rexburg Nordic Club!  Yesterday was the last practice of this season.  We had hoped for another week or two, but the snow vanished prematurely.  The time we did get on snow was fantastic.

At our highest turnout, we had twenty (!!!) 7th-12 graders, a couple of parents and a few younger kids.  We averaged about twelve kids per practice.  This was amazing, especially considering that for the most part we had very poor snow conditions and that we had expected maybe five or six kids for our inaugural year.  It really was a lot of fun and there were major improvements over the season.  Good job, everyone!

Next year we'll be even bigger and better, especially if we have a good winter.  Spread the word.  I think some people aren't aware that cross-country skiing is actually a lot of fun.  Also, I know lack of equipment is always a hindrance.  Don't forget you can rent skis (it's cheaper than downhill skiing by far).  Or shop around (online, yard sales, whatever).  You don't have to be on top-notch equipment to learn to ski.  Contact me at stephandstuff@gmail.com if you need help purchasing equipment.

Many thanks to the City of Rexburg and private individuals for loaning us equipment, and for the ORC for discounted rentals.  Thanks to everyone involved at Teton Lakes Golf Course for letting us hold practices there.  A huge thanks to Randy and Doug for grooming, and many, many thanks to Steve Barrus for coaching. Everything was done on a volunteer basis, and we appreciate you all!

I will post pictures and ordering information for the Club shirt, fleece vest, and neck gaiter as soon as I get them.  It'll probably be late next week or the next.

Meanwhile, winter isn't over yet!  If anyone wants to organize a ski trip to West Yellowstone or Harriman, please feel free to do so. You can contact Steve Barrus at sbarrus@msd321.com for club members' email addresses.

I'll try to keep information up to date on local skiing options.  We skied at West Yellowstone (wet, soft and slow) Friday and Jeff skied at Harriman (much wetter, softer, and slower) on Saturday.  Steve H. reports that the skiing is still alive and well in Teton Canyon/Alta/Targhee area, and although it's been a little too warm so far this week it should be nice again starting tomorrow.

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