Thursday, February 5, 2015

Track Conditions February 5, Nordic Club News

While we are losing the track pretty quickly, there is still some life left in it yet.  I was surprised during the Nordic Club practice this evening how I could still get a decent skate glide.  Because the base has been maintained so well by Randy and Doug, it is still holding out for at least another couple of days.  The classic track is touch and go, but there is still snow so skiing is still possible.  Tonight's skiing was remarkably better than yesterday's, at least on the portion to the south of the Club House.  The newer snow has settled into the track base.  I have LF8 with a fast wax of 30 on my skis, which was really good for present conditions.

The Nordic Club will hold practice through next week.  Kids might want to bring running shoes, too, in case we are back to dry land training.

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