Friday, December 30, 2016

Grooming Update

Thanks to Doug who cleaned up the track last night!  The skate track was getting pretty hard-packed (well-used!).  It should ski nicely.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Grooming Update

Randy and Doug rolled the track then pulled the Ginsu around to groom it for skating. They also set the classic track. Skating may be a little punchy until it sets up, but then should be great skiing. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Grooming Report

Doug just texted that the track is all groomed, set up and looking great (thank you!). Get out early (if you can dig yourself out of your own driveway) before the next storm hits. It should be nice skiing.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Grooming Update

Many thanks to Doug and Randy who worked late last night/early this morning to roll and groom the skate track, and to set the classic track.

The inside skate loops aren't prepped yet, but the Perimeter and Cow Pasture are ready for skating and classic skiing.  Heads up: the skate track will likely be punchy until this new snow settles into itself.

It's an unusual position to be in - almost too much snow.  Somebody needs to hold off doing the snow dance, maybe save up for the next few winters?

Enjoy the day!

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Grooming Update

Merry Christmas Eve Day!
Randy and Doug have already been out trying to get the track cleaned up after last night's snow.  They're working hard, but it's tough to keep ahead of all this snow.  

There is a short skate track groomed (about 2K) right now.  Start at the parking lot, (turn west/left) then directly north, follow the track as it heads up along the north edge of the golf course.  There is a short-cut after the bridge that will loop you back to the parking lot.

The classic track is set on the Perimeter but not the Cow Pasture.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Afternoon/evening Grooming Report

Randy just called with a great grooming update.  He groomed through the entire course, skate and classic both (including the inside skate loops).  He says it looks like it's going to be great skiing.  With the flat light and incoming fog, it'd be a good evening/night for headlamp skiing.


Grooming Report

Doug was able to get the perimeter done last night(thank you, Doug!). Yippee! I'm not sure how it set up, but I bet it's great.  The inside loops might be taken care of later today.  Meanwhile, there's enough track to keep people skiing happy today.
Thanks again to our trail groomers!

Monday, December 19, 2016

How to Skate Ski: Using Your Legs

4 Tips for Beginner Diagonal Stride, Classic Skiing

Grooming Report

Despite the -17F temps (windchill is even colder!), Randy went out and groomed early this morning. (THANK YOU!).  He said he got everything buffed out nicely.  The skate track and the classic track are both set.  Randy did say to watch out for icy spots where the puddles have frozen over - they'll look like either depressions or bumps in the track.

Ski Club meets at 4:15-5:15 today - should be great skiing!  It's supposed to warm-up to the high teens by this afternoon.  We will take a break over Christmas then resume practices on Thursday, January 5th, 4:15-5:15.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Grooming Report

Randy just called.  After 6 hours of grooming, he was able to prep the south side of the course for skating and classic skiing.  The Cow Pasture (see map) is best for skating right now.  The area south of the Club House is good for both classic and skating.  From the parking lot, head down the sled hill and turn south to find your track.

Doug is out right now, rolling the rest of the track.  We had so much snow yesterday on top of a really warm day the day before, so we have big puddles covered in snow. The grooming equipment has been getting stuck quite a bit.  If you see wet snow patches, scoot around them.

As always, an enormous thank you to both Randy and Doug.  All their time and equipment are volunteered 100%.   That's one reason we are a little protective of our track - no snow bikes or walking on the track, please!  And we really prefer no dogs - they can tear up the track and leave messes.  Plus last year we had more than one scary dog/skier encounter.

Trying to set the track

Randy spent a lot of time trying to set the track during yesterday's blizzard.  Unfortunately there were too many puddles under the snow still, and the track setter kept getting stuck.  We might need to call on any of you who are available to come shovel in those puddle spots.  However, I'm hoping with this extreme cold (it's -17F right now) that the puddles will become ice thick enough to handle the weight of the grooming equipment.
Yesterday we had too much snow to ski (is that even possible?).  Today it might just be a bit too cold for most (not all, I know) of you to ski.  Be careful if you go out.  The windchill is -31F.  

So I wouldn't count on the track being set yet.  We had a ton of snow yesterday and it's going to take some time to settle it in.  

Classic Skins - Alternative Option

We love our classic skin skis - no need to wax the kick zone.  This week's SkiPost, which you can subscribe to here, introduced me to grip tape, which can turn your waxed Classic skis into no-wax skis.  Nice!

If you want an all-purpose kick wax alternative, turn your classic skis into a pair of Grip tape skis instead of having to purchase new skin skis.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Early Morning Grooming Report

Randy texted at 5:15am that he just finished grooming (just FYI, it takes a good 2-3, sometimes 4 hours to groom each time, so he pretty much spent the night out there.  Thank you, Randy!).

He says:
Everything is groomed, did it early this morning before it heated up.  Hopefully it will set up before the temperature heats up later today.  The classic track is in; not great, but it's a start.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Track Report and Nordic Kids Club Report

The skate track is fantastic (as long as you step around the bare patches and watch out for gravel in a few spots).  It's really holding up well.  Right now it's hard packed and getting a bit icy and a little rutted but it's still great skating for this time of the year in Rexburg.  I heard we might get rain tonight...oh, please no!  But then more snow is supposed to follow.  We'll see what happens.

Still not enough snow to set a classic track, sorry.

We have - so far - 20 kids registered for the 7th -12th Grades Nordic Club, with more kids saying they're coming.  It's so cool to see these kids get out and play in the winter months.  It's a great way to socialize, exercise, and happycize (couldn't think of any other great word).  Our never-ending difficulty is getting equipment, but somehow it all works out one way or another.

Remember to check the Lessons and Rentals tab (or the Nordic Club tab) above for information on contacting Forrest Southam for rentals or for the closest shops to purchase a ski package of your very own (Christmas is coming...).  

Practice is tomorrow and again Monday, then we'll take a break over the Christmas break and resume on Thursday, January 5th, 4:15-5:15.

Note: Redd's Grill (located in the Clubhouse) has hot chocolate and fries for the kids for I think $3 if they want an after-school or after-ski snack.  You can just get hot chocolate for $1.75 if you want.

See ya!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Grooming Update!

I spoke (wrote) too soon!  My earlier post today is now moot.  Randy just called to say he finished tidying up the track so it is skiable - skate able, anyway.  Still no classic track set (not enough snow).  He said to watch out for asphalt patches and grass.  It's another good day for rock skis.
He didn't have a lot of snow to work with, but he still worked a miracle (thank you!).

No Grooming Update; Nordic Club Starts

Just FYI, I haven't heard of any updates on the grooming.  I went to the golf course Saturday and it was pretty slushy.  It's cold enough now to keep the snow we do have, but I'm not sure we have enough to tidy up the track.  You're always welcome to scoot around on your skis - skate or classic - unless we just groomed.  If that's the case, it's best to let a recently groomed track set up a couple of hours before skiing on it.

The youth (grades 7-12) Nordic Club starts today.  We'll probably assign the skis and see how everyone is faring for equipment, then do some dry land training or maybe some on-snow stuff today.  See you at 4:15! Parents can pick-up at 5:15.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday Morning Track Report

Randy just called.  He's been out trying to groom at the golf course, but the snow is too wet and clumpy - it's just getting pushed around. He'll try again tonight when it cools down.  Meanwhile, we expect more snow today.  As it settles in, we will have the makings for a really good skate and classic track.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Redd's Grill Restaurant on site

I was thrilled when I heard that we now have a year-round restaurant in the Club House at the Teton Lakes Golf Course.  There's nothing better than a good day of skiing - except maybe a good day of skiing and eating.  People coming to ski or sled can stop in for a meal or hot chocolate or whatever.  Check out the Redd's Grill website for the menu, hours, and other information.  Yippee!

Morning Grooming Report

Randy and Doug have been at it again - THANK YOU!! Thanks to them, the track was groomed last night and again this morning, setting the track after yesterday's afternoon/evening snow and again after last night's overnight snow.

Late Night Grooming:

Doug sent this at 1am (do these guys ever sleep?).
The trail is in fair condition, you can skate on most of it without scraping.  Beware of the asphalt cart paths and over the bridges.  It would be great to have some skiing to help set the base and hold the snow where it tends to blow off (south facing ridges).

Let the fun begin!

Early Morning Grooming:

Randy just called with a 7am grooming report (he's been out for a couple of hours).
The skate track is groomed and setting up nicely. We have a good cover of snow, but you might want to still use your rock skis if you have some.  There is still not enough snow to set a classic track.

Rock skis, by the way, are skis that can take a few extra nicks and scratches without making you cry. There are really only two kinds of skis, says, rock skis and future rock skis.

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Trail Conditions

Randy and Doug are already hard at work to set the base for the skate track. There's currently enough snow to scoot around on classic skis (no classic track set yet), and there's enough snow to skate a bit (no groomed trail yet). It will only take a bit more snow before we will be at good skating and classic skiing!

Monday, December 5, 2016

2016-2017 Nordic Club Intro Letter

Dear Nordic Ski Club,
Wow!  This makes three years in a row, and we are growing!  Coaches Joel Simpson, Steve Barrus and Stephanie Hancock (you can call us Coach or our first names, or Coach [last name] or whatever you want) are returning this year for another wonderful winter season.  Most of you have already registered (thanks!), but I’m including others from last year who might still be interested in joining this year.  If you are interested, please register through the City Rec Dept.  ASAP so we can get a good head count.  Even if you aren’t using City Skis, we need to have you registered for liability reasons.  Also, some of you may be attending only once a week instead of twice; that’s totally fine.

We have some of the best grooming around (I’d say the very best, actually), with wonderful skiing when we have snow (thanks, Randy and Doug!).  We also have an on-site port-a-potty (thanks, Jeff C. and Rexburg City!).  The Nordic Community is growing quickly.  Welcome aboard!

Our first practice will be December 12th at 4:15 (the bus usually drops kids off by 4, then they have time to put on winter clothes).  We will hand out the few City Skis we have (they’ve all been loaned out, see below).  If you can track down skis before then, you can either have a parent bring them that day or drop them off at my house before 2pm Monday and I can bring them for you. 


By the way, no experience is needed.  Those who know a little more will help those who know a little less.  Getting out in the winter is a great way to maintain fitness and sanity!  :)  We’ll have a lot of fun.

The City only has 8 sets of ski equipment, which have all been loaned out.

However, if you don’t have skis don’t panic.  We will try to get you on skis.  Forrest Southam has a supply of classic skis, boots and poles that can be rented at Sticks N Stones at 49 East Main Street.  For a season of rental skis, contact him directly at forrestglade at gmail dot com .  Forrest is super easy to work with.  He may have some skate skis, too (ask him about that).  Additionally, you can rent classic and skate ski packages at the BYU-I Outdoor Resource Center (208-496-7337).  I think that’s a daily rental, not a seasonal rental.  In the past, they’ve offered ski club members a discount - ask them about that.
Finally, I have a couple of my own skis that we can try to fit people into as a last resort, but very limited boot sizes.  We’ll do what we can -  we want everyone to get out and ski.

Buy your own
Go ahead and look around on Craig’s List and local stores if you’re interested in purchasing skis (which I recommend if possible).  They do NOT have to be high-end expensive skis.  As you get into the sport more, you may want to upgrade eventually.  Feel free to start on either classic skis (cheaper, and a good way to start) or skate skis (more pricey, but fun).
The closest ski shop is probably Idaho Mountain Trading in Idaho Falls.  The closest specialty shops (which have a bigger selection) are in Driggs (Peaked Sports, Yostmark), West Yellowstone (Free Heel and Wheel), and Jackson (Skinny Skis).  There’s also shop in Pocatello (Barrie’s Ski & Sports).  

There used to be - and maybe still are - some consignment shops that might be a good spot to check:
Victor Outdoor Seconds in Victor, Idaho
Headwall Recycle Sports in Jackson,Wyoming

Also, I've been told that Play it Again Sports in Idaho Falls sometimes has good nordic ski equipment.  



Grades 7-12


M & Th Practice, excluding Holidays and school closure days.  No practices over Christmas Break.


4:15-5:15. Once we have more daylight, we may extend to 5:30 (probably mid-January).


December 12 through approximately February 27, as weather permits (if there's no snow, we can still do dry-land training.  If it's a blizzard, we may cancel that day.  Check the blog for updates, and I will send emails.  If we run out of snow before Feb 27, we may end our season a little earlier than the 27th). 

DRESS WARMLY AND IN LAYERS.  Fingers need to be covered - please!  Wear good gloves, hats, warm socks, warm layers of snow clothes.  You may get too warm, so be prepared to shed layers.
SKIS can be stored on-site at our Ski Club Shed.  I will show up early each practice to unlock the shed.  You can leave your backpack and stuff in there during practice.  

BUS: Check with the Madison School District Transportation Department (208)359-3265 to find out which Jr. High or which High School Bus takes kids to the TETON LAKES GOLF COURSE (not the Municipal Golf Course).  You’ll likely need to send a note.  NO SKIS ALLOWED ON BUSES.

I hope that’s everything for now.  Please contact me if you have any questions.
Remember to check the blog regularly.

Many thanks,