Saturday, December 17, 2016

Trying to set the track

Randy spent a lot of time trying to set the track during yesterday's blizzard.  Unfortunately there were too many puddles under the snow still, and the track setter kept getting stuck.  We might need to call on any of you who are available to come shovel in those puddle spots.  However, I'm hoping with this extreme cold (it's -17F right now) that the puddles will become ice thick enough to handle the weight of the grooming equipment.
Yesterday we had too much snow to ski (is that even possible?).  Today it might just be a bit too cold for most (not all, I know) of you to ski.  Be careful if you go out.  The windchill is -31F.  

So I wouldn't count on the track being set yet.  We had a ton of snow yesterday and it's going to take some time to settle it in.  

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