Friday, December 9, 2016

Morning Grooming Report

Randy and Doug have been at it again - THANK YOU!! Thanks to them, the track was groomed last night and again this morning, setting the track after yesterday's afternoon/evening snow and again after last night's overnight snow.

Late Night Grooming:

Doug sent this at 1am (do these guys ever sleep?).
The trail is in fair condition, you can skate on most of it without scraping.  Beware of the asphalt cart paths and over the bridges.  It would be great to have some skiing to help set the base and hold the snow where it tends to blow off (south facing ridges).

Let the fun begin!

Early Morning Grooming:

Randy just called with a 7am grooming report (he's been out for a couple of hours).
The skate track is groomed and setting up nicely. We have a good cover of snow, but you might want to still use your rock skis if you have some.  There is still not enough snow to set a classic track.

Rock skis, by the way, are skis that can take a few extra nicks and scratches without making you cry. There are really only two kinds of skis, says, rock skis and future rock skis.

Enjoy the day!

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