Saturday, December 17, 2016

Grooming Report

Randy just called.  After 6 hours of grooming, he was able to prep the south side of the course for skating and classic skiing.  The Cow Pasture (see map) is best for skating right now.  The area south of the Club House is good for both classic and skating.  From the parking lot, head down the sled hill and turn south to find your track.

Doug is out right now, rolling the rest of the track.  We had so much snow yesterday on top of a really warm day the day before, so we have big puddles covered in snow. The grooming equipment has been getting stuck quite a bit.  If you see wet snow patches, scoot around them.

As always, an enormous thank you to both Randy and Doug.  All their time and equipment are volunteered 100%.   That's one reason we are a little protective of our track - no snow bikes or walking on the track, please!  And we really prefer no dogs - they can tear up the track and leave messes.  Plus last year we had more than one scary dog/skier encounter.

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