Friday, August 14, 2015

Nordic Club News

We're trying out something new this year with the youth Nordic Club: we're putting ourselves under the City Recreation Department.  This is a pretty exciting development, since we'll have the benefits of being under the umbrella of the City.  Although last year was completely cost-free, this year we will charge a seasonal fee of $10 for club members.  The fees will help pay for upkeep of current equipment, be put towards purchasing new equipment, pay for ski wax, and help with building up a budget for the costs of running a club.

Remember, this year there will be a storage shed (thanks to our builder Ryan, and for your help Randy and Jill!) to keep your equipment on-site during the week or throughout the whole season.

Here's the information for the upcoming season, which will also be advertised in the Fall City Recreation Guide:

Rexburg Nordic Team (Youth Grades 7-12 Cross Country Ski Team)


The Rexburg Nordic Team provides opportunities for youth in grades 7-12 to learn a new sport or continue developing as cross-country skiers through organized team practice. During team practices, members will learn technique and develop endurance, regardless of their personal experience levels.  Both skate and classic techniques will be taught. Participants may also have the option of competing in local and area community races (you have to pay your own race fees). This is a great way for youth to stay active during the winter months. On days with no snow, we will hold dry-land practices at the Teton Lakes Golf Course.

No previous experience needed, all levels welcome.  Dress warmly in layers with good gloves.

Skis can be stored on site and students may have the option of riding the bus to the golf course for practice.  Please check with the school district transportation department for information.


Grades 7-12


M & Th Practice, excluding Holidays and school closure days




December 7-February 25, as weather permits (if there's no snow, we can still do dry-land training.  If it's a blizzard, we may cancel that day). 


The team has limited cross-country skis available for season use  (only 8 pairs). Plan on providing your own or contact Stephanie Hancock (317-1365) to reserve a set for the season, while supplies last. If you are purchasing new skis, you may want to consider combination skis that allow for both classic and skate technique. 

Skate Skiing and Classic Skiing coaching

Coached by Steve Barrus & Stephanie Hancock



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