Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Grooming Dec 30

Randy groomed last night and Doug made another couple of passes since then over the tracks (thank you both!). Also, the groomer comb is fixed so the track should be nice corduroy. New this year, we now have a double classic track. With those two tracks side by side, people can now ski next to each other without worrying about being in the skate lane. Randy set out the trail sign and map at the trail head. Just behind the sign, we have a practice loop, a great little spot to work on skating or for kids to ski around. 
It really is a beautiful day, everything is in top-shape, and winter is wonderful - so go enjoy!

Oh, our groomers spend hours and hours on the tracks, so please help keep them nice by staying in the skate lane only if you're skating, and in the classic tracks only if you're classic skiing. And please avoid walking on the groomed tracks. Footprints can trip up skiers. If you must walk, please stay far to one side. Thanks!

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