Monday, December 7, 2015

Nordic Kids: Yes, we are meeting today

The Nordic Kids Club is meeting as planned, and will always meet regardless of the weather (unless it is a dangerous blizzard or well-below 0F, or is a school holiday).  Right now there's a mix of rain and snow, and wind.  The temperature isn't cold (36F), but if you are not dressed well, it could be very uncomfortable.
However, if you didn't pack warm clothing today, come anyway.  The Ski Hut is being set up right now at the golf course.  We can squeeze a fair number of kids in whenever anyone needs a break from the weather.  It isn't heated (unless we put in a space heater), but it is insulated and will give shelter (THANK YOU to Ryan Shirley for his craftsmanship and time, and Randy for his generous help).

As a suggestion, please pack an extra backpack for your winter clothes and bring it with you each time (don't forget warm socks, hats and gloves/mittens!).  See you awesome, tough skiers out there!  (I bet Steve will have plenty of stuff for you to do to warm you up).

NOTE:  Forrest Southam will be on site this afternoon to fit anyone with a ski package that needs it.  He has gear for rent at a very inexpensive price for the season.  If you need to contact him, check out the earlier posts for his information.

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