Monday, December 14, 2015


I'll post a grooming report as soon as it comes in.  Meanwhile, I did see Doug out rolling the skate track this evening, and apparently he rolled out the base early this morning (everyone is shouting a huge THANK YOU!).  If all goes well, we should have a skiable skate track tomorrow - but keep checking this blog for any updates.

Many thanks to Rachel for taking pictures of the Nordic Club.  We had about 15 show today, plus a few adults to help out. The kids were awesome and had a good time getting their ski legs back.  This was the first time back on snow this season for many of them.  Our next practice is Thursday and should be a great ski day.  Remember, if you need skis you can contact Forrest (see earlier posts), rent from the ORC, borrow, or buy your own.  What a great way to get out and enjoy winter!

(And I can't say enough how wonderful the Ski Shed is. Love it!)

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