Thursday, November 19, 2015

Nordic Club Info

All the City skis have been loaned out for the season.  If you want to rent a set for the season, there are a few options.  You can contact Forrest Southam (see the next blog post for his info) and rent a set for pittance (we're talking around $20 for the season).  Another option, especially if you want skate skis, is BYU-Idaho's ORC.  You can also purchase your own set - just look around or email me if you have questions.

West Yellowstone has some great skiing already.  Next week is their amazing week of ski clinics.  Check them out here.  We're going up for one day (Saturday's "Improve your skate" clinic, and the kids' clinic).  Come join us.  Because of an injury, I may end up reading a book in the car, but I'll be happy to see all the people out.

Happy trails.

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