Saturday, October 31, 2015

No Excuses - Come Ski!

Great news for our 7-12 grades x-country kids club: 
If you need to rent skis for the season, or better yet, if you're interested in purchasing your own set for cheap, you can contact Forrest Southam to see if he has anything for you.  Forrest has been gathering ski equipment for the past couple of years at ski swaps and other venues.  He's excited to help outfit anyone that would like to get started.  They are mostly fish scale (waxless) classic skis, which would be great for anyone wanting equipment to get started and get out on the snow.

Forrest Southam
Rexburg Cross Country Ski Rentals and Sales


Speaking of classic skis, my first set of skis were big ol' fish scale touring skis (they made 'em big back then).  I raced on those skis my high school Freshman year in New Hampshire.  While I was nowhere near being competitive, I was out having fun and learning great skills.  I even skate skied in 5K races on those fish scales!  Pretty sure those enormous skis made me a stronger skier.
I guess the point is that while we would love to have everyone on top-of-the line skate or classic skis, we are just happy to have people on anything decent, learning technique and balance and having a blast.  Someday we may turn into a competitive club, and for now we will support any club members that want to race competitively, but our focus is mainly on getting outside, being active, and having fun while learning & practicing Nordic ski skills.  So come out and have fun with us on whatever gear you have!  And start thinking cold, snowy thoughts...

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