Sunday, February 21, 2016

Track report

Joel reported on the conditions today:

Skiable. The classic skiers persist in skiing on the skate track making death defying linear sharp edged ruts.  Someone thought the atv track rut was just right for classic skiing and skied it all the way around.  It froze and went from a soft track rut you could ski through to one that would grab your ski.  Classic skiers on the skate track can leave ruts as bad an snow bikes.  

That said, if there is another grooming to get the ruts out we'll have pretty fine late season snow [Steph's interjection: I'm not sure if we will get another grooming in - might not be worth it, but who knows].  As it is, it's difficult to ski on.  The swamps are currently frozen. There is grass emerging for sure but easily avoidable.

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