Friday, February 26, 2016

Grooming and Grass report

Doug cleaned up the track again last night (yippee! And thank you, Doug!).  Doug says the track looks good, but the warm sun is hurting the trail in places.  He was hoping to ski to the first of March, but doubts we will make it with all the grass beginning to show.  Get out early and skiing should be good.
Watch for grass on the south side of hills. Just make sure you don't speed down any hills without checking for ski-tripping patches of grass.

Also, please be aware the the golf course people are starting to prep for the spring and summer. The greens have been sprayed to speed up melting and combat snow mold (I presume). You may run into snowmobile tracks left from them - these are not our grooming tracks. There are also lines of dark graphite or something in the snow from the golf course guys. Just take it all in stride and be grateful we have had such a good ski season. Although it's a great place to ski, it's first and foremost a golf course (and a great place to golf!). Thanks so much to Duffy for supporting our skiers and giving us the thumbs up for grooming on the golf course.

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