Friday, January 27, 2017

Can I Snowshoe / Walk my dog / Snow Bike / Skijor / Sled...?

Some have recently asked for some clarification regarding what activities are recommended on the Rexburg Trails - here's an answer.

Can I:
  • Snowshoe? 
    • Yes! alongside but not on the ski trails.  Snowshoes are great for walking on... snow.  As a reminder at the bottom of the blog we have a nice little graphic illustration.  Remember, if it looks like it's a groomed trail, it probably is, and snowshoes are for traversing the ungroomed snow.
  • Snow Bike (Fat Bike)?
    • at the BYU-I trails: Yes
    • at Teton Lakes: No
  • Ski with my dog?
    • It depends - does your dog ski?: this is an often discussed topic amongst the volunteers who spend hundreds of hours of their own time and thousand of dollars of their own money to keep these trails in good shape out of the goodness of their hearts for those who like to ski.  In an effort to provide the greatest good for the greatest number of people who like to ski, we'd prefer not to dictate any rules of conduct but...
    • Remember these are ski trails.  Yes, it's a wonderful place to take your dog out, but unless your dog is exceptionally well trained our experience is that a happy dog is very difficult to control with other strange skiers around.  
    • Are you willing to keep your dog off the groomed trail, stop, step off the trail and immediately hold your dog's collar whenever another skier approaches?
      • If yes then yay! you make every other dog owner look great too
      • If no then you're likely to give other dog owners a black eye.  
    • No matter how well behaved your dog is, it doesn't ski.  Out of respect for those who work so hard to provide this service for those who do wish to ski on beautifully groomed trails please control your pet as you would if invited into a neighbors home as a guest.
  • Walk my dog?
    • Nope, sorry.  Please no walking on the groomed trail.
  • Snowshoe with my dog?
    • Yes, but again please stay off the groomed trail.
  • Skijor with my dog?
    • No, again sorry!
  • Ski with my kids?
    • Yes!  But if you're towing a ski trailer please stay on the outermost classic track with the ski trailer ski offset to the outside of the groomed track (not in the skate lane).
    • Also please keep young ones and the older folks to off the skate lane (unless they're skating).
  • Tow a sled on the ski trail?
    • No
  • Skijor with my kids?
    • Yes, if both the tower and towee are wearing skis.
  • Sled on the hill?
    • Yes!

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