Monday, January 16, 2017

Trails Report

The Perimeter and Cow Pasture skate deck (I just found out it's called a skate deck, not track...oops) was tuned up sometime earlier today or last night, and the classic tracks are looking good. There were actually four classic sets on much of the Perimeter - two old and two new. The Boot and the Clover Leaf skate decks are icy and rutty, but still skateable and very fast. The icy track/deck may be fast, but it can also cause some muscle fatigue as your body works to stabilize itself as it's sliding around. Good stuff. I hardly dare say this after the piles of snow we've had, but it might be nice to have just a little fresh snowfall to work into the trails.  Still, no complaints. The course has been beautiful the past few sunny days.  Even though it's been frigid, the wonderful sunshine has helped drive off the bone-chilling cold - unless you're an early-morning or night skier - brrr.

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