Thursday, December 11, 2014

After-School Buses to Teton Lakes Golf Course


Please double check with the bus driver and transportation department before relying solely on this information.  We had one student end up downtown instead of at the Golf Course yesterday (he'd forgotten to tell the bus driver his intended destination, which may have helped).  Also, your arrival time might be a little late if you are coming on the bus, but better late than never!

To our Madison High School and Madison Junior High School members:

The Madison School District Transportation Department said I could spread the word that there are buses that go to Teton Lakes Golf Course after school  (parents, I know you're just as relieved as I am!).  You'll need to arrange a ride home after practice (ending around 5 or shortly thereafter).

Transporting Gear 

Also, once we get snow I'm not sure how transporting gear will work for kids who take the bus.  If necessary, parents could bring me the gear before 3pm on practice days and I can drive it out.  Ideally we'd have a secure storage facility at the golf course to store gear.  If anyone has a spare trailer or something, or knows of any options, please tell me!  (Stephanie Hancock, 208-317-1365).

High School

Club Members from the High School should ride Bus 13-2.

Junior High School

Please note that because of the Jr. High's early-out on Mondays, I'm not sure the bus will be your best bet for Mondays, unless you plan on hanging out at the golf course for an hour or so before practice starts.
Club Members from the Junior High School should ride Bus O6-2 to Valleywide, where they will transfer to Bus 13-2.

Please tell the Bus Drivers

The Transportation Dept. asked that Club Members please tell the bus drivers where you're headed (you're headed to Teton Lakes Golf Course).

Just an FYI, there is no port-a-potty at the golf course yet, but we'll get one our there when the snow comes and the golfers aren't out.

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