Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Busing Info, and Skis still Available

We've been having great practice sessions at Teton Lakes Golf Course.  Despite the lack of snow, we're still progressing in our skills by doing dry land training.  Coach has us playing games, running drills and working on form.  You don't have to have skis to come!  We will do our best to outfit everyone.  Dress warmly.


I talked with the School Transportation Department again, and they're pretty sure that they'll get kids to the golf course around 4pm (practice starts at 4:15).   PLEASE let your bus driver know you're going to Teton Lakes Golf Course.

Junior High Busers:

First, remember that on Mondays the bus will drop you off an hour early (because of Early-out), so if you can get a ride that day, please do.  Otherwise you have to hang out at the golf course until 4:15.

On Thursdays, kids from the Junior High will ride bus 06-2 to Valleywide, where they will get off and transfer to Bus #13-2 (the high school bus).  Bus #13-2 takes them to the Teton Lakes Golf Course.

Note:  The Transportation Department told me that if there's ever a need for a different numbered bus to take this route, it will still pick kids up from the same place in line at the Junior High. It will be Slot 2, no matter the bus number.  (But double check with the driver that you're going to Valleywide for a transfer to Bus 13-2 which is coming from the High School).

High School Busers:

Kids from the High school will ride Bus #13-2.  Please be aware that it comes a little later than the other buses, since it stops at the Middle School first.  It parks near the Ag Building, by the classrooms by the library (northwest door, behind the school, not in front).  This bus stops at Valleywide were the Junior High kids will get on, then it's off to the golf course.

No Skis on Buses

If kids are riding the bus, then parents can drop off skis at my house (in Rexburg, near the temple) by 3pm and I'll drive the equipment to practice.  Contact me (Stephanie) at 317-1365 for my address or further information.

Skis Still Available

We have a set of skis from a private donor up for grabs for the season (the last three city sets were spoken for today), and possibly more from other community members - just let me know!  Truly, we want this to be accessible to everyone.

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