Monday, December 29, 2014

Grooming Update and Ski Etiquette

Skate Track is Set

Randy did a quick grooming of the skate track today.  The base has set up nicely, but he said all the new, cold, light snow didn't compact well.  The track is definitely skiable, and over time it will settle.  Because of some equipment problems, the skate track won't be tuned up and the classic track won't be put down for a few days.  You're welcome to set your own track alongside (off) the skate track.  Many thanks to Randy for all the time he spends out on the course completely voluntarily!

Know the Groom that's Right For You

In case you are unaware, the skate track is specifically for skate skiing.  Skate skiers should stay off the classic tracks, and classic skiers should stay off the skate track.  Classic skiing (the kind most people think of when they hear "cross-country skiing") is meant for tracks that run parallel to each other. When possible, please keep the classic skiing off the skate track.

Because skate skiing runs in a V shape, the parallel ruts left by classic skis can ruin the skate track and trip up skate skiers.  If a skate skier is moving quickly, the fall can be painful and can leave the skate track in even worse condition.  Also, skate skiers can damage classic tracks if they skate over them.  Please try to stay on your appropriate track as much as possible.

However, if a classic skier is pulling a child or if someone needs to be on the skate track (to ski next to someone in the classic track, for example), please keep as close to the edge of the skate track as possible.

Snowshoers, please stay off all skate and classic tracks.  That's the beauty of snowshoes - you don't need a groomed trail!  Additionally, snow bikes are not allowed on groomed tracks at all.  Please.

Just be considerate of all types of skiing and help educate other skiers in a kind and understanding way.  We don't want anyone to have hurt feelings if they are unknowingly skiing on the wrong trail.  We would rather have people out skiing (even if it's on the wrong trail) than not skiing at all.

Welcome to winter in Rexburg!

See the diagram at the bottom of the blog for a quick reference on groomed tracks.

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