Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12 Grooming Report

Well, Randy pulled off a miracle and rescued our dying track (honestly, I thought it was dead and beyond any hope).  He picked up the snow machine late this afternoon just as the repairs were being finished, went straight to the golf course, and spent the next couple of hours this evening repairing the well-used skate and classic tracks.  Both had suffered greatly with the warm weather, lack of snowfall, and high traffic.  We have missed the grooming while we waited for repairs and for snow.  

Thankfully, all is now repaired and we are back in business.  The track should be well set by tomorrow morning (Wednesday, January 13).  While there are some bare patches and we could use a little more snow and a little less warmth, we're still very grateful and lucky to have the track as it is. Thank you, Randy!

Ski Etiquette reminder

Please help educate people by (gently) letting them know that they should classic ski in the classic tracks or far to the sides of the skate track, they should skate ski on the skate track, and never (please!) walk or snowshoe or bike on either track.  It ruins all of Randy's hard work and makes it difficult for skiers to enjoy.  And please, leave dogs at home.  We love them, but they leave deep footprints in the tracks.

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