Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19 morning track report

First off, it was good to see Doug tuning up the track on Saturday afternoon (Doug and Randy are our volunteer groomers).  Doug and his wife just barely returned from their mission.  Welcome back!

This report is current as of 11:30am Monday.
There's been a good amount of traffic since that tune-up on Saturday, plus warm melty weather yesterday and a freeze overnight.  That all made for a somewhat icy and rutted track on the skate track this morning.  With the temperature a little warmer this afternoon, it may not be quite so icy.  It is definitely a fast skate, but watch your footing or you may end up tripping up here and there on the ruts.
The classic track is set nicely, also a little icy in the morning but will likely soften a bit this afternoon.  I saw some people getting great glides on the classic track.

It looked like a pack of dogs ran down the middle of the skate track, and there were plenty of bootprints, too.  Please try to keep off the skate track and please, no dogs.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun to chat with people this morning who were out enjoying the track.  A couple of people had driven up from Blackfoot just to ski here (apparently there's no snow in Blackfoot), and there were people out for their first time ever (I hope they had fun!).  I also was amazed at the speed I saw from a fellow in an adaptive sit-ski double poling the whole loop.  There were a couple of skaters at different points in the track (for some reason they seemed to not notice the ruts like I did...), and families of classic skiers out for an adventurous morning.  The sled hill was being put to good use as kids (and parents) were flying down and running back up for more fun.

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