Monday, February 13, 2017

Course and Grooming Update, Kelly Report

Teton Lakes

Randy fixed the broken snow machine that pulls the groomer and got it off the track where it's been stuck for a few days.  Thank you, Randy!  Then Doug called around 10:30 this morning, saying he had managed to groom the skate course (nothing can be done with the classic tracks unless we get new snow).  Thank you, Doug! He said it's not great (very icy), but definitely skiable.  I'm frankly amazed that anything at all could be done so soon after last week's meltdown.

A lot of the water has seeped away making the standing water shallow enough to ice up; be careful, please. I'm not sure where all the water went since the ground is pretty frozen.  Maybe the ground warmed up enough to absorb some of the water?

It's true that the course was not at all skiable on Saturday - except maybe waterskiing - and absolutely not ready for any machine driving over it.  So maybe we can hold the race tonight instead, just for fun... Kidding.  Kind of.

Kelly Canyon 

Pat's suggestion of skiing at Kelly Canyon intrigued me, so I went up this morning.  It's been two years since I tried Nordic skiing there, and it has come a long way since then!  The trails were beautiful and I'm so glad I went.

If you arrive before the resort opens, you can put $5 in the fee box at the trail head.  It was a lot of climbing - you know, like you're skiing at a ski resort - but it was actually really nice.  Unfortunately I took the fast trail back ("Moose"), and it was NOT a friendly trail.  My legs are still shaking from snow plowing on the churned-up trail.  I actually took my skis off and walked for a while, which just shows what a bad hill skier I am.  In hindsight, I should've gone back down the road, "Broadway" trail, instead.  Live and learn.

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