Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Track Report

Doug groomed as much as he could yesterday, but the wind blew apart the track today.  There are three nearly-equal parts to the "Track":
1. Deep drifts covering the track
2. Some visible groomed track, including both skate and classic, that is actually pretty nice
3. Long patches of wind-swept bare grass

I tried skiing today, and it was nice to get out even in the crazy wind and snow (better than a treadmill), but I wouldn't necessarily call it all skiing.  It was more like just covering the distance as best I could while getting lost every few minutes (easy to lose sight of a track when the track is buried or blown away).  Definitely a mix of skating, double poling, walking, and shuffling.  There's always hope that the wind settles down and we get some snow to work with.

If you're dead set on going out, avoid the east half of the Cow Pasture.  The west half is okay and you can ski a small loop on the north and again on the south side.  The rest of the Perimeter is just hit and miss.  And there's no point trying to do the Boot or Clover Leaf skate tracks.

Good luck, if you go out.

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