Friday, February 3, 2017

Grooming Update and Schedule(?)

Randy just finished up grooming the course this evening - yippee! Can you say, "Fresh corduroy"?  😀 Thanks, Randy!

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, but... a rumor is circulating that grooming is done daily, so it's "no big deal" to walk or snowshoe down the middle of the skate lane...

Please remember that grooming is done purely on a voluntary basis by Doug and Randy, and they groom when they can, but there is no schedule. 

We shouldn't have any expectations that the trails will be groomed, and in between we should try to take care of the wonderful grooming we get. 

Messing up the skate track might not seem like a problem - unless you're a skate skier. The holes, ruts and prints left by walkers, bikers and snowshoers ruin the corduroy and can trip up skate skiers, who are often skiing very fast. (It can trip up skate skiers who are skiing slowly, too!) 
Doug and Randy work very hard to provide the best classic and skate skiing trails they can. Please respect their work by seeing it for what it is: trails groomed for Nordic Skiing (with snowshoeing off to the side as an acceptable use, too). 
See this post from a few days ago for a good overview of ski etiquette at Teton Lakes.

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