Sunday, February 12, 2017

January Weather Recap

Just for kicks, here's January's Rexburg weather recap from Lee Warnick:

High temperatures: 21.8 / 6.0 degrees below normal
Low temperatures: 5.4 / 5.2 degrees below normal

Zero or below days: 12     Normal: 6.6
Highest wind gust: 36 mph on the 9th, 10th and 11th
Number of windy days: 6    Normal: 3.3

Highest temperature: 38 on the 9th
Lowest temperature: -20 on the 6th
Lowest wind chill: -31 on the 5th

     • January's bone-chilling comparative temps were similar to December's: highs were again 6 degrees below normal, and lows were 5.2 degrees below normal versus December's 6.3 degrees. We amassed another dozen 0-or-below days, added to December's 14. This was the 4th of the past 5 months with below normal highs but just the 2nd with below normal lows.

     • January's high temps were the 4th coldest in 45 years and, notably, the lowest since 1985. The low temps were the 10th coldest in 45 years but the lowest only since 2013. 

     • Despite the month's generally cold vibe, there were a few multi-day surges to or above freezing, also accompanied by the month's snowiest (or rainiest) weather. The high temperature on the 6th was a daily-record-breaking 4 degrees (following a low of 20-below); three days later the high was a balmy 38 and rain was falling.

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