Thursday, January 21, 2016

Grooming update

We were able to borrow a good, strong sled (thank you for tracking it down, Randy! And thanks so much for helping us get it, Scott!) and Doug is out rolling the perimeter of the skate track plus the Cow Pasture (see the trail map tab up above) right now. He's been working on it since 6am. Thank you, Doug! So many people pitch in to make this work. 
Skating looks great, albeit soft. The track setter isn't hooked up yet, so no classic ski tracks yet.

Update: as I finished skating at 2pm, Randy was on the snow machine, rolling out the inside skate tracks - the Boot and the Clover Leaf. Randy also told me he has a "Farmer's Fix" that will connect the classic track setter to the snow machine, so hopefully we will have classic tracks later today.
The track is still pretty soft, but it'll set up very nicely. Enjoy!

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